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Egg-Shaped UFO Lands in Pasture | UFO CHRONICLE – 1957

Boy Sees Space Ship in Dante Pasture (Color Background Edit) - Knoxville New Sentinel 11-6-1957
Editor’s Note: Everett Orain Clark, resident of Knoxville Tennessee, recently passed away. Along with his many life accolades, back in 1957, at the age of 12, while living in the nearby community of Dante, he would gain local notoriety as an alleged witness to a “space ship” landing in a near-by field.

Everett claimed that four occupants disembarked from the craft, two men and two women. They appeared normal in dress; however, it seemed to him that they were speaking a language that he described as akin to “German.” Read account, above and below—FW

     He said the "space ship" was "long and round" and of no particualr color. "Translucent?" one of his teachers asked. Everett agreed it might be translucent.


About ten feet where Everett was standing, I saw a peculiar imprint in the thick grass.
By Carson Brewer
Knoxville New Sentinel


It was in the shape of a fat cigar or a slender egg. I stepped off the length of the thing as about 24 feet. It probably was about 5 feet wide at the thickest portion.


  1. Any info about the report cited within the article of a man in Nebraska being invited into a spaceship by people speaking "high German" ???

    1. Good Day TSD,

      The other account was labeled, "The Kearney Incident," as reported by Reinhold O. Schmidt. It gained nationwide attention and was also investigated by the authorities.

      Will try to have something up in a day or so. Stay tuned ...


    2. Thank you sir! My mentor in aerial phenomenon, the late John P Timmerman told me once of a landing he investigated in Michigan in which witnesses claimed to hear German being spoken. I found that really odd and was shocked to hear of additional reports of this. Thank you for your time and all of your work. Be safe!


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