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UFO Photograph Taken in Oakville, Missouri, One of The Best, says MUFON

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UFO Photograph Taken in Oakville, Missouri, One of The Best, says MUFON 6-8-2014

     A mother and son captured images of a strange object moving towards them in June of 2014. The Mutual UFO Network’s Scientific Review Board (MUFON SRB) took a look at the photos and could not figure out what the object might be. They consider this to be one of the best photographic cases from 2014.

In the MUFON SRB’s Top Cases from 2014 report, which can now be read online, they list this case first. The sighting took place in Oakville, Missouri, near St. Louis at approximately 7:40 pm.

By Alejandro Rojas

The case description reads: “A mother driving with her 14-year-old son noticed a metallic object in the sky in the late afternoon of June 8, 2014. At first they thought it was a plane, but the reflection of sunlight from it appeared very bright. Initially the object appeared small but that changed as it got closer. As it approached it appeared gray with an oval shape. Her son rapidly took 13 photos within about 8 seconds. Shortly thereafter they lost track of the object as they exited the freeway.

Analysis of the photos revealed that the object’s apparent size in the sky was roughly that of the full moon. Photo analysis eliminated the possibility of an insect, bird, bat, or conventional aircraft as the object in the 13 photos. The object was disk-shaped and its distance was between 500 to 1,900 feet away. This would fit with an object between 5 to 20 feet in size and traveling between 150 to 600 mph.”

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