Friday, February 12, 2016

UFO Now Believed to be H2O

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UFO Now Believed to be H2O

     CLANCY — What at one time was believed to be a UFO has turned out to likely be H2O, a Clancy resident says.

On Nov. 4, motion detector cameras set up on the back upstairs balcony of Dr. Richard O’Connor’s home captured photos of what he believed was a UFO. They were among 280,000 photos his cameras have taken over two years.
By Phil Drake

O’Connor, who is interested in UFOs and said he had set up the cameras in the hope of capturing something flying by, tried to have the photos analyzed and got various opinions, ranging from some saying that the photo had not been manipulated to others saying it had.

After dozens of emails from all over the country, O’Connor ran experiments on suggestions that the photo may be of a falling water drop. He said he used a turkey baster and dropped water so that the cameras could take some pictures.

“I am now convinced beyond a shadow of doubt that the Nov .4 photo ... was, in fact, simply and only a couple of falling raindrops fortuitously (or not) captured by the Reconyx camera,” [...]

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