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Disc-Shaped Craft 'Escorted' a Police Car in Poland

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Disc-Shaped Craft 'Escorted' a Police Car in Poland

Piotr Cielebiaś By Piotr Cielebiaś
The UFO Chronicles

     In early January 2013 a pair of police officers from Opole region spotted strange, morphing aerial light that, as it turned out, emanated from luminous disc-shaped object. Exotic craft accompanied their car all the way back to the station. Frightened and disoriented officers reported close encounter to their principals but soon learned that “they must be exhausted and hallucinating”. Polish policemen rarely report their UFO encounters but when they do, their reports are astonishing ones.

On January 8th a pair of Police officers from Opole region (southwestern Poland) was returning from a night intervention. Their task was to calm down an aggressive drunkard in one of the villages lost amongst forested farmlands. When the job was done, they began to head back to their station located dozen kilometers away. It was about 4 am when their Kia Ceed was calmly running lone road. All of a sudden they noticed some bright lights in the distance that hovered over nearby forest. This prologue may sound prosaic but the rest of the story is much more extraordinary… and complicated.

Principals became concerned

Both witnesses serve in regional police station in one of the cities in Opole area. The main witness, Mr. M., requested anonymity fearing that his openness toward strange incident might influence his career. His concerns weren’t baseless. When on January 8th both witnesses arrived on their home station, they were immediately interrogated about such a long time of their intervention. It turned out that the way back took them about two hours. Stunned by the strange occurrence, without hesitation they reported the encounter with strange aerial device to the staff officer. This honest step induced some strange behavior of their principals.

Mr. M. remembers that after arriving to the station his patrol partner, Mrs. J., felt dizzy. Though he was all right he could remind that just after the appearance of the strange craft his organism also reacted in a strange way. For a moment his sight became blurry. It was about 4 am when along with Mrs. J. he noticed some light in the sky. At first they took it for mobile tower but the luminous object was apparently approaching their car. Soon it stationed over a groove of trees located about a kilometer from the road. Orange-yellowish “thing” was morphing and changing colors.

Mr. M. said that the arrival of UFO fulfilled his partner words. Just several minutes before seeing the light the woman had told him that “something is in the air”. Mrs. J. was anxious-excited: “She had repeated this sentence several times before the light appeared” - the policeman recounts. “When the object appeared in the horizon, we decided to stop and go out of the car to examine it. From the distance it looked like a ball and then changed shape into crescent-like.” He added that just a while before he could feel as if time slowed for a moment. But it was a matter of seconds. During the next stage of the encounter Mrs. M. and his partner were totally conscious.

Dropping orbs and the video

The officers stopped and watched the light maneuvering over a nearby field. The sight was strange: “It was moving soundlessly, with no noise that should be generated by engine or rotor of the flying machine. At some point the object began ejecting something resembling ‘balls of light’. Some were disappearing in their way down to the ground, other were returning to the UFO. Suddenly from the below of the craft there emanated a ‘flash’ resembling that of a stroboscope” - the witness said adding that for a second a patch of land was illuminated.

According to Mr. M. it was possible to distinguish the shape of the craft hull. But darkness, strange feelings and appearance of exotic object forced the witnesses to drove off the scene. To their amazement, after a while UFO began to move in parallel with their car, staying in the constant distance of about a kilometer. Despite strong concerns and unnatural fear, Mr. M. stopped the car in the next village trying to record the object with his cell phone camera.

“The UFO was in shape of a disc, with a kind of small ‘dome’ on the top. It was emitting blinding, yellow light (occasionally turning orange). At the bottom, three smaller white-bluish ‘balls’ could be seen. In my opinion they were ‘engines’ but there were no sounds at all” - the witness reported.

It was 4:32 am when Mr. M. took a short video showing a dim light in the distance. It’s the only one visual documentation of the incident. Strongly agitated Mrs. J. tried frantically to catch the disc with her phone camera but nothing interesting appears on her photos. Accomplished evidences seem not satisfying for such a spectacular case and Mr. M. is aware of this fact: “That situation was totally unexpected and we weren’t prepared for UFO encounter. I wish I could go closer to that object. It is clear to me now, when all the emotions ceased.”

Disc-Shaped Craft Escorted a Police Car in Poland (Image 2)

The UFO recording of Mr. M. was made public but in muted version due to witnesses’ request. In the original material we can hear excited voiced of both officers commenting the “UFO” appearance. They also tried to open the car window to check whether the object emits any noticeable sounds but only dog barking could be hear in the distance. In the video Mr. M. stresses that the quality of the recording is weak. Registered material reveals only a bright lump of light hovering in the distance, against the dark sky background. On some still frames one can see an outline of an elongated, bright object.

Disc-Shaped Craft Escorted a Police Car in Poland (Image 3)

Time confusion

Mr. M. said that during the incident he thought about noticing the staff officer as well other patrol cars about the strange object. “After short discussion with my partner we decided to stay calm. Too many units could hear our report so everyone can imagine the consequences… People are rather skeptical and we don’t want more problems” - he added. It was another instance of tabooing UFO encounters made by staff of emergency services, Police and Polish Army. Mr. M. is a very rare case of public servant who decided to reveal his experiences, despite his concern about the consequences. Therefore we decided not to reveal his name and the exact place of the sighting in case report.

It’s also interesting that Mr. M. claims that during three stops when the witnesses decided to inspect the object closer, the UFO seemed to withdraw deeper over the fields. In his opinion the object hovered about 60 meters over the ground but exact size of the craft was hard to estimate. Mr. M. said it was at least dozen of meters in length but it was hard to find any reference points. In the whole affair there is another one mystery. The witness stated that they observed the craft for about 90 minutes but it seemed too long comparing with the time necessary for them to pass the distance to their home station.

Mr. M. added that he also was somewhat confused realizing that the incident lasted for about two hours. This shortening of time might be a result of highly stressing situation or the curious onlookers might get lost in their observation. Another possible scenario is that the driver became disoriented and chose a wrong way; causing the patrol car to wander along some deserted village roads (Mr. M. stated that this may be the point). But it’s also tempting to propound another hypothesis that links the mentioned “time confusion” with Mrs. J.’s dizziness after the encounter. Anyway, for now there are no direct clues for the policemen involvement in “missing time” episode.

“You’re dog-tired!”

The patrol lost UFO from view in vicinity of K. village. According to Mr. M.’s report, the disc withdrew over nearby fields and then disappeared over the horizon. About 6 am, when both policemen returned to their station, they decided to report their experience to principals but as Mr. M. said, the duty officer at first burst with laugh and then neglected their story: “He said that I’m dog-tired and hallucinating. The same was with other high officers. They tried to persuade us that we saw balloons or birds…”

Nevertheless, the strange report about exotic “thing” probably induced some concern amongst higher officials since Mr. M. was informed that chief officer needs to talk with him. But after some time the case was hushed up as if nothing had happened on January 8th! Moreover, the personal situation of the female witness, Mr. J., whose husband worked in the same station, prompted her to keep silence over the incident. But what’s interesting, after some gossips about UFO encounter dissipated, Mr. M. was contacted with other officers who also saw strange things on their night duties.

Mr. M. stated that on January 8th he didn’t meet on the deserted village road with any other cars. But it’s quite possible that some inhabitants of the region (as farmers waking up early to tend their animals or people on their way to work) might also catch a glimpse of the strange aerial device. But six moths after the incident we still have no confirming reports (although the case was covered by big local newspaper in Opole region). We are well aware that the case might remain unsolved but it’s good to know that officers as Mr. M. are always on alert in reporting every suspected thing, even that with no right to existence according to his principals opinion.

Addendum: Polish Policemen see UFOs

Polish national media and web portals usually don’t report UFO incidents although it is a very popular topic. UFO reports from Polish police officers are also rarity but the case from Opole region showed that many other encounters may be not disclosed due to witnesses’ fear of ridicule. But the real cause of tabooing UFO reports amongst policemen is that there is no official procedure concerning unidentified objects and phenomena. In other words, an ordinary officer who sees UFO doesn’t know how to react.

Mr. M. said that he talk with some colleagues who also got unusual experiences. One of them wrote us a report concerning his UFO sighting in vicinity of Otmuchowskie Lake in 2008. He recounts: “At about 2 am, over Sarnowice, I saw a row of about 15 red lights. Along with my partner I decided to hide our car in darker spot [for the object not to see us]. But then some of the lights went off and other ones change their positions and began to move away in various directions.”

Another one interesting story from Police officer was reported to us several years ago. It also took place in Opole region, precisely in Daniec area. The witness, Mr. Z., wrote: “Unfortunately, I don’t remember the exact date. It was June or July 1997. From the duty officer we got a call that some drunken man was sticking people with an axe in a village in Opole area. It was an emergency, so we rushed with the siren going.”

Mr. Z. reported that just before their destination place, his partner heard a call of nature so they stopped the car on the side of the road: “I also went out to straighten my neck. Suddenly I saw those objects and in the same moment my colleague screamed: ‘UFO!” I saw two bright orbs flying in the air 300 meters away from the car. They weren’t discotheque lights or lanterns. They were flying with high speed, stopping, accelerating and making sharp turns. We stood there in awe! I was glad I wasn’t there alone. During the sighting one of the orbs neared us and stayed dozen of meters away. The other one remained over the field and then - as for command - both of them departed in just a second. I know that they were intelligent.”

Earlier but equally spectacular report comes from Mr. Jerzy M. - former officer of Citizens Militia (state police institution in Poland before 1989): “It was winter 1978 but the exact date got lost in my mind. It was about 2 am. […] I was patrolling area between Ornontowice and Chudów checking if the stores were properly shut down. I was in way from Ornontowice to Chudów. The night was beautiful, with no clouds in the sky. Temperature oscillated around -5 degrees. […] I was standing on the roadside when my attention was drawn to my dog strange behavior. […] Automatically I looked up hearing also some unfamiliar sound. Then I perceived something completely out-of-place.”

The officer reported that he saw a black, oblong object with some “windows”. He also got feeling that someone is staring at him: “It wasn’t a plane. It looked like a hull of An-22 but without wings. There were no sounds at all, despite slight ‘whirring’. […] Then I saw it against the sky background, from different perspective. The object looked like a dark ring. Afraid that it could be a damaged plane that is going to crash, I rushed to local bakery to phone to the duty officer from Gierałtowice.”

As in other cases, the witness soon learned from his chief that he must be kidding: “After returning Gierałtowice police station, I even phoned the night guard at Gliwice airport asking if there were any night landings scheduled. But he also scoffed me saying that I must be drunk!”


The case was registered by INFRA group. More information at: www.infra.org.pl.

The case is still under investigation so some conclusions may change in the future.

About author:

Piotr Cielebiaś - writer, publisher and journalist dealing with fringe science and paranormal phenomena. Regular contributor for “Nieznany Świat” magazine and Onet.pl - the biggest Polish web portal. With Michał Kuśnierz he runs INFRA group registering UFO reports and paranormal phenomena from Poland. Contact: infra@epoczta.pl.

His new book, and his first in English, and published by Flying Disk Press, UFOS OVER POLAND – The Land of High Strangeness, is out now on Amazon.

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