Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Triangular-Shaped UFO Hovers Over Apartment Building

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Triangular-Shaped UFO Hovers Over Apartment Building

By Roger Marsh

     A Tennessee witness at Chattanooga reported watching a silent, triangle-shaped UFO with multiple lights hovering about 50 feet over an apartment building, according to testimony in Case 73121 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The witness was driving home from a 12-hour work shift at 8:06 p.m. on December 9, 2015, on what is normally a 30-minute trip.

“I stopped on Highway 153 for about a minute to check for damage to my car because I had run over a piece of debris that looked like rubber from a tire off of an 18-wheeler that was in the road,” the witness stated.“I didn’t see any major damage that would prevent me from driving home, so I got back in my car, lit a cigarette and continued on my way.”

As the witness turned onto Webb Road from Highway 58, he noticed what he first thought to be an airplane.

“It had several lights. Three were brighter than the rest and one on the left side was much smaller and blinking. I thought to myself, wow that plane is really low and it was pretty far from where I generally see them as they approach the local airport.”


As the witness drove closer, he saw that the lights were not independent of each other and that maybe they had put up a new cell tower on Highway 58 and it just appeared to be above the apartments.

“But as I got even closer I slowed down because I realized it was a solid black triangle that connected the lights and it was hovering just below the tree line about 50 feet above one of the apartment buildings. I saw there was no pole or anything else keeping it up. It was just sitting there.”

The witness described the object’s lights.

“The three main lights looked straight ahead like headlights on a car and you could see the mist swirling through the light. The smaller lights on either side were more like ambient light than headlights. By this I mean the type of light you would see given off from a window as you drove past a house at night. The blinking light was even smaller than the secondary lights but appeared to be the same intensity. All the light was pure white in color.” [...]

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  1. What was it doing above the apartment not moving for a period long enough to be noticed by the driver? Could it be peeking into one of the apartments to study human lives? Or was it just a low-flying aircraft?


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