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V Shaped Craft (UFO) Gliding Silently Overhead | Video

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V Shaped Craft (UFO) Gliding Silently Overhead


Declaration: This is a true and accurate record of the events outlined in this document.

Signed: D. Cooper

Dated: 12/07/2014

Name: Darren Cooper


Contact Telephone numbers:

Date: 12/01/2014

Time: 20:00 – 20:10

Location: Burlington House/Grange Dr, Southampton SO30 2AF (50°55'14.18"N - 1°17'32.29"W)

Terrain: Standing on the outside stairwell (emergency exit) overlooking the car park & back of the Botleigh Grange Hotel, surrounded by trees & bushes with running water (stream) to the right of the car park.

Other Witnesses: Christian Mcgailey

Lighting conditions: I believe the only light source was from the building that we were working in at the time!

Weather conditions: Clear night with many stars in the sky

Description of object(s): A perfect V shaped craft with five of the brightest white lights and one bright red ORB in the centre of the V NOT connected to the craft.

Estimated size of the object: 60 + feet (width of building)

Duration of sighting: (2-3mins) + loss of up to 4 hours!!

Description of objects movements: Very slow moving from east to west silently over head

Estimated distance from object: Less than 10 feet

Estimated altitude of object: 40 to 50ft

Colour(s) of object: Black with a glass like texture or water like!

Any interaction between you and the object?: Yes… magnetometer alarm sounding before sighting.

Description of events

On the night of the January 12th 2014 my friend Christian mcgailey and I went to work as usual between 6-6.30pm the same as any other day. We were working as industrial cleaners at the time where we travel between destinations during the day and this one is our last job of the day but cannot enter the building before 6pm.

ET Contact Tool
We get into the building and the first thing we always did was grab a coffee because there was a free vend machine in the canteen. So while we are drinking our coffee and I am showing Chris a new app I have from Dr.Steven Greer called the ET contact tool. I played a few tones from the app and then went onto the meditation part and I believe we listened to this all the way through, while looking at the instruments part with my phone on the table!! The alarm on the magnetometer sounds & we both look at each other and say something like there is something here if it’s going off. I picked up my phone and took a screen shot before it stopped!

So after being a little freaked out that the app is either working or just faulty I didn’t know what to think!! We both say roughly the same time that lets get out of here. So we make our way out to the fire exit for a cigarette before we start work. We are still talking about what just happened and the alarm sounding and this is about 8pm-8:10pm when all of a sudden I believe it was the chilling silence that made us look up and there is this V shaped craft floating silently over our heads. I remember turning to Chris and saying something like are you seeing this WTF is that?

Darren Cooper Sighting Map
Feeling completely calm and mesmerized that the craft was so close I could have jumped up and touched it! Now before the craft came so close to us there were birds singing / water running to our right, the sound of wind moving through the trees and various noise from the hotel to the left about 100 yards or so & then total silence as if all sound had just been muted or Switched off. It felt like there was static from the craft and I felt like everything was going in slow motion because I specifically remember stepping forward to the front of the steps on the top of the stairwell and inspecting the craft as if it was stood still and saying out laud to Chris it’s too clean cut and silent to be anything else apart from a ufo? It looked like it just came from a mould. No rivets No seems No engines nothing familiar to anything man made!! It had a surface like black glass or water like and from what I could see I believe we could see the stars straight through the craft. I have never in my life seen lights like those on this craft still today.


Everything on the craft was too perfect including The 5 white lights I can only describe as the brightest white you can possibly imagine! When the craft was fully visible to us there was a bright red (orb) point of light in the centre of the V floating along with the craft and by this time my brain cannot calculate what’s going on but I know what I am seeing and feeling because we can feel the heat from the lights and I called out again to Chris are you seeing this? (I say called out because it felt like we had to! Like we were in some sort of field of energy) and I said it looks like its flying backwards because it’s flying points first!! But the orb is not connected to the craft OMG!!

We are still talking about the craft while it is gliding silently away to our left, straight towards the back of the hotel about 150yd away and then I turn again to Chris to my right and say I can’t believe what we are seeing and turn back too look at the craft again and it has either disappeared /dematerialized or accelerated to an unbelievable speed. We both turn round and go back into the building very confused as to what just happened and only just realizing we didn’t even make an attempt in taking a picture! It felt like we were incapable of doing so!! We are just walking towards the canteen again to start work when Chris stopped me and said do you realize the time? I said no that’s the last thing I would care about mate not after what we’ve just seen; we then realized that more time has passed than we thought! It’s is now way past 10pm and I don’t understand?? We didn’t get out of there till gone 1am and the job only takes roughly 2 hours??

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  1. when UAP make themselves partially or fully materialized and come that close as it did to Christian McGailey and myself that evening! That unnatural feeling runs throughout your whole body...I felt sort of lighter almost! That spooky slow feeling is truly unforgettable, and the fact that I still don't understand what happened during the missing time! All I know for fact is this, craft was first encountered at around 8.10pm and the next time we see the time is way after 10pm closer to 11 as I thought when first filling in my sighting reports for Gary Heseltine & Mufon (Case no 70352). Thinking about it after not putting anything on paper and not telling anyone either for a year because it was so shocking at the time and our sightings continued after this and still do today! ,which is ok but people still think we are nuts Anyway my point here is this!! We spent no longer than 40 mins running around trying to get out of that building after the encounter because apart from being still totally blown away by this amazing experience and a little freaked out to be honest! This bloody helicopter turned up and circles the building once or twice so that was it we panic and don't do a lot more work after that! But we don't get out of the building till gone 1am. So we ourselves have some confusion with how many hours of time was missing? That's why I say 4 hours was missing because from 8pm till 1am is five hours but we worked at least an hour of that time!! I tried to dismiss the time that evening but clearly that wasn't happening! I would love to know if this craft was on radar!!


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