Sunday, August 02, 2015

Mysterious UFO Filmed Over Pampanga; Sighted By Multiple Witnesses

Mysterious UFO Filmed Over Pampanga - Sighted By Multiple Witnesses 4-26-15

By Simon Keegan
A mysterious UFO sighting in the Philippines may reveal exactly how aliens can get all the way to our world, say experts
      The latest UFO sighting could be the best proof of aliens yet, according to conspiracy theorists.

At first viewing the video of a mysterious craft in the sky above the Philippines looks just like an aeroplane with its lights on.

But as the footage moves along the lights seem too bright and too numerous to be a plane.

Several witnesses reported mysterious lights over Pampanga.

Jericho Benavente said: "I called my wife after seeing four orange lights come out of the clouds. I went to video it but it suddenly disappeared within the clouds.

"I believe what I saw and I'm sure this wasn't a plane." . . .

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