Sunday, March 15, 2015

Kingman Witness Breaks Silence! – EXCLUSIVE | 18th Anniversary of The Phoenix Lights

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Kingman Witness Breaks Silence! – EXCLUSIVE

Reader Submitted Report

     My name is Xxxxx Xxx I live in Kingman AZ . Me and my mother witnessed the flying V over our home east of Kingman AZ March 13 1997 around 7.15 Pm.

We were heading into town to find my brother we had just exited our home as we were getting into my truck I noticed a orange light in the sky coming at us from the west . As I watched the strange light it turned blood red coming at us as I was pulling out of our driveway it was coming over us and we could see 5 blue white lights in a V on the bottom of the craft. It was so weird I stopped and got out of the truck to see it better and as it come over us it was completely silent no sound at all.

When it was directly over head I couldn't see the lights anymore unless I looked to the side of the craft if I looked directly at the lights it was like they were hidden. The craft flew over us and headed east toward Flagstaff, Az.

I immediately called my good friend Xxx Xxxxxxxx to ask if he saw it flying over Kingman earlier and he had not. He actually didn’t believe I saw anything until the reports were in the news the next day and it was reported as being seen over Paulden AZ witch was due east of our location when we observed it. We never came forward as it seamed we wouldn’t have been taken serious especially after seeing our Governor Fife Symington make fun of people that had reported it.

My Father was soon after diagnosed with AML and passed away in 2003 . And since myself and my Mother were both diagnosed with Multi Myeloma cancer , According to the DR,s its not hereditary its from exposure to chemical or radiological exposure it really makes me wonder what was in the sky those nights.

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