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'Today, Ufology Finds Itself in a State of Utter Chaos'

Ufology, There’s a Hole in Your Bucket

Ufology, There’s a Hole in Your Bucket

James Carrion By James Carrion

      When offered a rational and irrefutable down-to-earth explanation of a UFO event, the believer will often counter as last resort with the UFO bucket argument of “well what about this case” - citing any number of anomalous airborne experiences documented throughout history. Their bucket is filled with stories of ancient astronauts, strange humanoid petroglyphs, aerial objects in medieval paintings, crashed saucers spirited away by sinister supra-governmental forces, decades old scientific studies, and of course the myriad of anecdotal stories faithfully recorded by an army of UFO investigators. The UFO faithful do not fret when one case is irrefutably explained away and pulled out of their UFO bucket– there are a million more left.

But when a whole historical wave of sightings like the 1946 Ghost Rockets is emptied from the UFO bucket - events from the very start of the modern UFO era, well then that is one big orifice that cannot be ignored. Such a huge hole in the UFO bucket that deflates the ET hypothesis in favor of a terrestrial one, makes even the so-called open-minded UFO investigator hold on to their bucket a little tighter less their own pet theory or case fall out and splatter on the ground.

After showing conclusively that the 1946 wave of sightings over northern and southern Europe has more to do with cold war intrigue than extraterrestrial visitation – the wider UFO community has countered my research with complete and utter silence. Sure, the boisterous and outspoken Stanton Friedman briefly tried to debunk my findings through proclamation, stating publicly that my book The Rosetta Deception was disinformation before he even turned over the first page, but when challenged to a real debate to discuss the evidence, his proclamations diffused away like flatulent hot air.

And therein lies the problem with Ufology and Ufologists, they race after every case, every witness, every shred of evidence regardless of provenance that will help prove what remains in their bucket but will ignore all evidence to the contrary. If we examine what the UFO bucket really is, it is an egocentric belief that we humans are so interesting and our planet so alluring that other civilizations for any number of reasons can’t help to visit us – in the past and the present. We are as the UFO bucket reveals - the Las Vegas of the Milky Way galaxy, a must-not-miss destination in the Universe’s cosmic tour book.

Ironically, UFO believers who tend to think of themselves as cosmically aware are actually selling themselves short by holding on so tightly to their alien terrestrial visitation bucket. There exists a much larger bucket that should satisfy their penchant for the mysterious - a cosmic bucket that encompasses the whole of the Universe, and which contains not just one, but millions of alien civilizations, proof of which is based on the laws of statistics and probabilities. Yes Virginia, there is life in the Universe outside the confines of Planet Earth, but Ufology has made it its quest to answer just one question – has some of that life visited us? In fact it has been at this quest since the late 1940s and what does it have to show for over 70 years of serious inquiry? A big bucket of stories that Hollywood salivates over but science rejects as undeserving of its attention.

Sure, we can try to blame the serious lack of scientific attention, as Ufology has over all those same years, on a grandiose conspiracy of silence, a purposeful cosmic Watergate, a sinister cover-up by the powers to be, but when push really does come to shove, the cover-up argument is just a sorry excuse for investigative laziness and cherry-picking of evidence and even worse the failure to adopt the scientific method and adhere to scientific standards of investigation.

Today, Ufology finds itself in a state of utter chaos and Ufologists, those who consider it their profession to seriously investigate UFOs, have no one to blame but themselves. For too long, even allegedly scientific-minded UFO organizations like MUFON have adopted a double standard of searching for truth while pandering to outside interests who have no interest in truth. Interests like billionaire Robert Bigelow who showers cash of questionable sources on UFO organizations for less than transparent reasons or media interest from the myth-spewing television cable channels who have no qualms about sacrificing truth in favor of ratings.

MUFON, has plain and simple, sold out its role as a non-profit public service for cold hard cash and advertising presence. Case in point is MUFON’s Hangar 1 show, its recent illicit love affair with Hollywood, which has created a shameful and monstrous offspring that is so antithetical to the word science, that MUFON should change its motto from the Scientific Study of UFOs for the Benefit of Humanity to the Pseudo-scientific study of UFOs for the Benefit of Hollywood.

Simultaneously, other “serious” UFO investigator are losing the battle for discovering truth by competing for public hearts and minds with hoaxers, self-promoters, dis-informers, human deception specialists (aka, the intelligence agencies) and other human ilk whose agendas are not as lofty as “for the benefit of humanity”. Who cares about a genuine strange light in the sky videoed or photographed by a smartphone camera when ultra-professional special effects artists are churning out mega-slick, close-up, alien craft fly-bys that generate hundreds of thousands of YouTube views?

The failure of Ufology to weed out these side-show carnival acts means that Ufology has itself become a traveling carnival, complete with psychics and conjurers who excel at preying on the human mind. And we all know that no one goes to a carnival expecting to see a real paranormal act, as the real cannot be distinguished from the sleight of hand performance.

Meanwhile the “serious” media ignores the UFO bucket and only draws from it when it is a slow news day or their audience needs a good laugh, while the “entertainment” media scoops up large chunks from the bucket to feed their docu-tainment machine that frustratingly leaves viewers with more questions than answers.

So where does that leave us today? Well, with a lot of soul-searching and introspection. What do we humans really want to leave as a legacy to future generations? Do we want our children growing up, watching on cable TV or the Internet, UFO documentaries that are really just mythology, falsely promoted as history, and which serves to only poison their minds with conspiracy and distrust of authority? Do we really want our history being written by the myth makers? Or are we going to stand up for truth, no matter what that that truth may be? In all honesty, each of us has to make a decision – do we want to solve this mystery, or do we want to perpetuate it?

Solving the mystery does not mean abandoning the ET hypothesis of terrestrial alien visitation. It is completely within the realm of possibilities that we have been visited either in the past or the present, but when one’s desire to prove this causes them to lose objectivity and to forsake science in favor of a race to the “evidence”, the results are ultimately disastrous.

My research into the 1946 Ghost Rockets should not be shunned but embraced by the UFO community, as it puts to bed one UFO myth so that investigative time could be more properly focused on other cases from the UFO bucket. Unfortunately, the human ego is not that altruistic and historically when Ufology has felt threatened by the loss of a pivotal case to the ET argument, rather than accept and embrace, the tendency has been to shun and close ranks. But this time the hole is too big and will only grow bigger over time as once-ignored and poorly investigated evidence comes to the light of day. Ufology be warned, there is a hole in your bucket, and ignoring that hole will not make it go away.


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