Sunday, January 04, 2015

UFO Filmed at London New Year's Eve Fireworks Display? | VIDEO

UFO Filmed at London New Year's Eve Fireworks Display? 12-31-14

By Frank Warren
The UFO Chronicles

     The first UFO video of 2015, which looks to go viral is sweeping the internet and has been picked up by various British tabloids, newspapers and or their online versions, etc. Likewise, copies are permeating Youtube.

The Metro quotes author, Nigel Watson:
"What strikes me is that whether the UFO is a camera drone or not it catches your attention despite all the fireworks blasting off all around it. . . ."
Is it a bona fide unknown, a drone or CGI?

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  1. I am not surprised,Everyone in the universe wanted to see QUEEN and ADAM LAMBERT Or the planet Glam wanted their KING BACK (he is out of this world!


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