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“UFOs and Nukes” Documentary Film: Public-Funding Update

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“UFOs and Nukes” Documentary Film:  Public-Funding Update

By Robert Hastings

     On November 15, 2014, I launched a public-funding campaign designed to assist the completion of my documentary film, UFOs and Nukes: The Secret Link Revealed. Although an anonymous benefactor contributed $100,000 toward the project in 2013, those funds were close to being exhausted.

At the time I first requested assistance from persons who think that my nuclear weapons-related UFO research deserves greater public attention, I indicated that $25,000 would be needed to finish the film. As of this date, $6,250 in donations have been raised and an additional $5,000 mini-grant was given to me by the Lou Farish memorial trust, a ufological research support group.

Consequently, the funds raised to date total $11,250, a figure I am extremely pleased to report. Sincere thanks to the many persons who have contributed to the cause; you have greatly increased the likelihood that this important, historic film will be finished in the near future.

However, my filmmaker-associates and I do need another $13,750 to meet our goal. If you would like to contribute, please go to and make a donation via PayPal. Most persons have contributed $10 but any amount is welcomed.

The webpage also has a five-minute trailer from the film that one may view.

Over 150 U.S. military veterans have told me, during interviews going back to 1973, that UFOs have routinely monitored and even tampered with America’s nuclear missiles. Several articles at my website discuss the incidents in detail, some of which are confirmed in declassified documents.

Further, documents smuggled out of Russia by television investigative reporter George Knapp reveal that such incidents also occurred at nuclear missile sites in the former Soviet Union during the Cold War era.

Clearly, an unknown, outside third party—operating technologically-advanced aerial craft—have interjected themselves into human affairs in our recent history. Indeed, reports from U.S. Air Force veterans suggest that a UFO incursion at ICBM sites operated by F.E. Warren AFB, Wyoming, occurred on October 23, 2010—resulting in a 26-hour disruption of the missile communications system at five launch-control capsules. My article about the incident provides the details.

(Once the still-secret comms-disruption was exposed by the Atlantic website, and picked-up by the mainstream media, Air Force spokespersons at the Pentagon quickly admitted that it had occurred, but claimed that it had only lasted 59 minutes, and further claimed that an improperly-replaced circuit card in a weapons systems processor had caused the problem. No UFO-involvement was acknowledged, of course, even though two now-retired missile maintenance technicians informed me, in December 2010, that a huge, cigar-shaped UFO had been independently sighted by several maintenance teams who were in the field during the disruption event.)

This incident and several others, extending back to the 1950s, are presented in my documentary. If you think that the important, dramatic UFO-Nukes Connection story deserves to be told, so that Americans and people everywhere will have the facts, please go to and make a contribution toward the completion of my film.

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