Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Egg Shaped Objects [UFOs] Reported By Many Sections of State


  1. What's the point of this page? "Click on image to enlarge"... yeah right. Except that when you click on it, it enlarges only slightly and is still basically unreadable. Why don't you simply re-type the scanned article and insert the text into this html page?

    1. Hi Max,

      For the last 10 years re "images" we routinely check readability, specific to size using the most popular web-browsers, e.g., IE, FF and Chrome.

      Moreover, as with browsers we do the same with various monitors to ensure optimum viewing on all platforms.

      All that said, our weakest area, which we are working on is the "mobile arena."

      In rechecking the image in question, per your grievance, just moments ago–we find it is legible in all of the a fore mentioned browsers using any of our office computers and various platforms.

      Moreover, it is also legible on my Smartphone, after enlargement.

      In case you're not aware, any and all browsers can enlarge the text, and or images of any site you're visiting, by a few clicks of the mouse.

      Finally: aside from not realizing any issues on this end via multiple computers, browsers, etc., you are the only person to report a "size/readability" problem in all of our global, reading audience.

      All that said, I'd be happy to walk you through viewing the article (and any future articles or images from any site) with the browser, computer/monitor your are using, just detail the items and I'll provide instructions.



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