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Project Pounce and MJ-12

Project Pounce and MJ-12

By Kevin Randle
A Different Perspective

      While working on my new book, I stumbled across a reference to Project Pounce and I remembered that it was one of those projects that had been associated with MJ-12. Linda Howe might have been the first to have heard of Pounce, or I suppose, I should say the first outside of those inventing these things.

According to the information I have, Howe met Richard Doty, he of the AFOSI at the time on, April 9, 1983, in Doty’s office at Kirkland Air Force Base in Albuquerque. He told her that his superiors had told him to show her a document. He handed her several sheets of paper and told her that she could read them but that she couldn’t copy them.

The document was called, “A Briefing for the President of the United States on the Subject of Unidentified Flying Vehicles.” There was no date on the report, and the president wasn’t named. Howe didn’t know for which president it had been prepared though later information from others would suggest that this was part of the Carter Briefing.

Mentioned on this document were several classified projects including Aquarius, Snowbird, Sigma and Pounce. According to these documents, Snowbird was a cover for Project Red Light, which was a project to fly recovered alien craft. Snowbird was to develop some type of flying saucer using conventional technology as a cover for Red Light.

Snowbird was an actual project and has been described by Barry Greenwood as a “Joint Army/Air Force peacetime military exercise in the sub-arctic region in 1955, according to Gale Research’s Code Name Dictionary, 1963.” (See MUFON UFO Journal Number 236, December 1987, p. 12) It had nothing to do with UFOs, aliens, or MJ-12.

And now we have the information on Project Pounce. According to the MJ-12 documents, Pounce was created in 1980. It would use the Air Force “Black Berets” for crash retrievals including the recovery of the craft and the bodies of the occupants, if there were any. Steve Wilson, who claimed to have been an Air Force colonel, said that he had been the executive officer of Pounce. Wilson’s story unraveled when it was established that he had not been an Air Force colonel (See the entry here on November 16, 2006 for more information about Wilson).

According to Ed Ruppelt who mentioned Project Pounce in his 1956 book, and Joel Carpenter writing in the International UFO Reporter in the Fall 2001 issue, page 4, Pounce began when an Air Defense Command colonel, tired of all the UFO reports near his base in New Mexico, proposed converting some of the F-94C fighters into “UFO interceptors,” equipped with cameras and placed on 24 hour alert. While Pounce did have a UFO component, it had nothing to do with recovery of alien craft and there is nothing to connect it to the mythical MJ-12.

All of this is another example of how the information about MJ-12 and some of the ancillary projects used to support MJ-12 actually were something else entirely. These real projects were used in an attempt to give legitimacy to MJ-12, but when we learn the truth about them, we see another fallacy of MJ-12. Had these projects been what the proponents of MJ-12 said they were, it would tend to validate it. However, when we learn what they actually were, it tells us, once again, that MJ-12 is a myth.

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