Monday, October 13, 2014

UFO Video-Taped Over Meridian Has Locals Puzzled | VIDEO

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UFO Video-Taped Over Meridian Has Locals Puzzled -( Idaho) 10-8-14

UFO Video-Taped Over Meridian Has Locals Puzzled


      MERIDIAN, Idaho (KBOI) -- An unknown object was spotted in the sky over Meridian Wednesday afternoon.

A KBOI 2News viewer shot the video and then soon after noticed an airplane with a contrail following the object.

The video was taken from the back porch of Kaitlyn Ellis's home on Wednesday around 2:45 pm.

KBOI reporter, Morgan Wagner, went out to see what others thought about the flying object.

"That looks like a UFO," Donald Merritt said. "I lived out in the desert and I saw a lot of weird stuff out there."

But the Cadwells said to them it didn't look unusual.

"No, it didn't," Amanda says. "It didn't look like it was out of this world, but sorry I don't know."

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