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MJ-12: No Proof that TF, CT, or EBD Documents are Fraudulent, Argues Friedman

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MJ-12: No Proof that TF,CT, or EBD Documents were Fraudulent, Argues Friedman

MJ-12: No Proof that TF, CT, or EBD Documents are Fraudulent, Argues Friedman

By Stanton Friedman
The UFO Chronicles
© 10-25-14

      First I want to thank Kevin Randle for providing another excellent example of the fictional approach to research. I notice he doesn’t mention Dr. Wescott’s outstanding background, details like having been a Rhodes Scholar, having been the president of the Linguistic Association of Canada and the US, having published almost 400 papers etc (there are 3 pages about him in my final Report on MJ-12). Second I did not use the term proof about his comments. This isn’t a math or physics problem. I arranged for papers to be given him. I would say he provided a preponderance of the evidence. I know of nobody better qualified to evaluate the question of whether RHH as opposed to some hoaxer prepared the EBD. Kevin also doesn’t mention that RHH was not some bungling character. He was an Annapolis graduate, had been the first director of the Central Intelligence Agency 1947-1950 and in late 1952 was head of the 3rd Naval District in New York. Washington is not far away. We know that Walter B. Smith, his successor at the CIA had been directed by Truman to coordinate Intelligence briefings for Ike (see his letter p. E-9 in my Report). I have suggested that Typing would have been done at the CIA.

Several other anti MJ-12 articles have recently been posted. But they seem more like fiction than fact; lots of scenarios, but little data or evidence. Let me first summarize where I stand:

I have been on the story for just under 30 years. I believe I have written more than anyone else and done more digging in archives. I had a security clearance for 14 years and have made many visits to 20 archives. I was lucky enough to have a research grant from the Fund for UFO research. For some crazy reason extremist Milton William Cooper said I worked for the CIA and the grant was actually from them!! In fact the Fund had sent out a questionnaire to see what its members thought needed researching. Majestic 12 was selected and I was asked to submit a proposal, which I did. The money was actually raised mostly from the Prince of Liechtenstein. I wrote a 100 + page report of my findings after visits to various Archives such as the Library of Congress Manuscript Division, The National Archives, the Truman and Eisenhower Libraries, the Harvard and Princeton Archives, etc. I included correspondence between myself and Phil Klass and a copy of his check to me for $1000.00 for proving him totally wrong about the typeface on the Cutler Twining memo—typical false reasoning on the part of the MJ-12 debunkers. Because he had all of 9 NSC items done in elite type, he thought it sensible to claim that all NSC memos were done in elite type. Not surprisingly he had never, before or since, been to the Eisenhower Library which had 250,000 pages of NSC material. He had offered to pay me $100.00 for every item meeting his criteria, up to a limit of 10. I sent 14. He paid me, but didn’t bother to tell anybody. There is also no Friedman file in his papers at the American Philosophical Society Library despite 20+ years of correspondence. I wrote a book TOP SECRET/MAJIC and many papers and responded to a host of false claims and assumptions.

Most of this goes back a long while. I spoke with family members of all the MJ-members except 1. I spoke in person with General Twining’s pilot, and his daughter and 2 sons; with Admiral Hillenkoetter’s family; with George Elsey who worked at the Truman library the entire time Truman was there, etc. I had concluded that there are 3, possibly four genuine documents (The Truman Forrestal Memo, The Cutler Twining Memo and the Eisenhower Briefing Document) and a host of phony ones. I believe I have responded to all the anti claims. My focus has been on a host of details that turned out not to be known at the time the documents were received and on a number of fictional claims and a bunch of details that would seem beyond the ken of a hoaxer. For example it was claimed that since the briefing Officer Roscoe H. Hillenkoetter was titled Admiral, that proved the document was false because he had only been a Rear Admiral. The attack neglected to mention that all 6 military guys (2 Army, 2 Navy, 2 AF) were referred to by generic ranks—not just Hillenkoetter. Furthermore, I gathered documents at the Ike Library proving that was standard practice. A good example was provided by documents written by Brigadier General Andrew Goodpaster (Ike’s Staff secretary) referring to himself as General Goodpaster, but signing as Brigadier General Goodpaster. Two archivists supported that view. He always used generic ranks when listing attendees. The claim was interesting fiction.

Here are some other false claims covered in detail in my book, report, and papers:
1. The date format, “18 November, 1952” supposedly violates the government style manual and therefore the EBD is phony. I found many examples at Archives of the use of this and several other date formats. This was pre- word processors. False claim.

2. Supposedly the security marking on the Cutler Twining memo of TOP SECRET RESTRICTED was never used by the government until after Ike was out of office. The GAO in its huge report on its search for Roswell Documents noted that they had indeed found examples of this on a number of classified documents even though they had been told (MJ 12) that it was not used. I couldn’t get copies because the documents were still classified. Why would a hoaxer not just use a plain TOP SECRET? False claim.

3. The unsigned Cutler Twining memo supposedly had to be phony because Cutler was out of the country on July 14, 1954. Actually, it would have been a phony if it had been signed or there was an “/s/” next to his typed name. Really smart hoaxer.

We didn’t find out, thanks to Bob Todd, that Cutler was gone until later. I also found at the Ike Library, Cutler’s instructions to James Lay, Exec. Sec. of the National Security Council, “to keep things moving out of my in basket while I am gone.” I also found that Lay met with Ike that day and had a phone conversation with Ike at 4:30PM. George Elsey, White House Aide under Truman, told me after looking at the documents, that of course Lay (who sat next to Cutler at all NSC Meetings) would have prepared a brief memo to General Twining in Cutler’s name. He also could find no problem with the 3 documents or the names of the people on the MJ-12 List.

4. Several objected strenuously to the surprising notion that debunker Dr. Donald Menzel could have been fully aware of UFOs at Roswell, and still be the loudest UFO debunker in the 1950s and 1960s.They objected to my saying he led a double life, despite my very surprising discovery in his papers at the Harvard Archives that he was tightly connected with the NSA, CIA, cryptology and many other intelligence activities—as noted by him to President Kennedy. The critics complained but, so far as I can tell, none went to the Harvard Archives or the Kennedy library. I spent days there and had to get permission from 3 people to see Menzel’s papers. How did anybody know to include him on Majestic 12? They just happened to pick an extraordinary claim that turned out to be true??

5. Some complained that since the EBD says the distance to the Roswell crash site was approximately 75 miles, rather than 62 by car or 100 by plane, it was a fraud. Since when does “approximately” mean precisely or exactly? The Briefing was Preliminary and hardly a guide to how to get to the crash site.

6. Several debunkers claimed vigorously that the documents are phony because all Top Secret code word documents must (they said) have Top Secret control numbers. Two archivists (Eisenhower and Marshall Archives) told me this was nonsense. They had many TS docs that did not have Control numbers. I had even published some earlier. False claim.

7. As an example of irrational thinking it was pointed out that I have claimed that there were crash retrievals in the Plains of San Agustin and Aztec. Since none are mentioned in the EBD either, they never happened or it is fraudulent because they aren’t mentioned. There was nothing that said this was a complete picture of crash retrievals. On the contrary, it says it is preliminary. Neither of these two got news coverage whereas Roswell did.

8. Since the EBD says there was a crash near El Indio-Guerero on 06 December 1950, and I have found no evidence of it, the document must be phony. It also says the burned wreckage was taken to Sandia. I know of no way to gain access to that information since Sandia is a very high security nuclear weapons Lab. False claim. It is certainly not true that absence of evidence is evidence for absence.

9. Robert Hastings has noted that I had agreed in Brazil that it is conceivable that some smart government agent could have done an enormous amount of research to create the documents. I obviously couldn’t prove a negative. Yes, but no one has provided any evidence or facts or names or details establishing that that was the case. I know from all the time, money and effort I’ve spent how difficult that would have been and I started with the documents. This, of course, doesn’t explain how somebody knew all the details that weren’t known until well after the documents were received. Psychic??

10. Many have noted that Rick Doty was based in Albuquerque and that the EBD was postmarked Albuquerque. Albuquerque is a large city, the home of Kirtland and Sandia. This proves nothing. Nor does the fact that he was involved in disinformation.

11. I have trouble believing that it is just a coincidence that September 24, 1947, the date of the TF memo, was the only date in an 8 month period that Truman, Bush and Forrestal met together. Or that the CT memo was coincidentally done while Cutler was out of the country and therefore was not signed . . . very smart hoaxer. Or that August 1, 1950, when W.B. Smith was named to replace James Forrestal on MJ-12 was the only date in the first 10 months of 1950 when Truman met with Smith. I list a bunch more “coincidences” in my Final Report.
Yes, Rick Doty was involved with false documents re Bennewitz etc., and was the first to mention MJ-12. Where is there any evidence that he faked EBD knowing enough to pass inspection? Has he been shown to have visited the Truman, or Eisenhower or Harvard Archives, etc? Klass made all kinds of claims but never went to the Ike Library. Have Greenwood, Hastings, Randle, Rojas been to the Presidential Libraries or the various Archives? Do they have any idea how much effort I’ve spent trying to show the documents were phony?

Cannot the debunkers recognize that provenance would have revealed the identity of the crime committing informant? Hoaxers normally do as little as possible to call attention to strange details, like the offset and different typeface in the numerical portion of the date on the TF, or the absence of signature on TC, or the period after the date on TF.

In short then, fiction is not the same as nonfiction. Research requires facts, data, and evidence. Nobody has shown any to establish that the TF,CT, or EBD were fraudulent Scenarios are interesting but not evidence.

I am still looking for a list of reasons that each of the 3 (CT, TF, EBD) are fraudulent. I have shown that a number of so-called MJ-12 documents were indeed false based on direct evidence. For example, in the Book “Wedemeyer Reports” by General Wedmeyer, I found three items that were retyped and Xeroxed to keep the hand written portions--clearly emulations. I found a number of other emulations, proofs of hoaxing. I have yet to see any for the 3 genuine ones.

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  1. You've visited multiple archives, as if multiple recitations of that fact alone proves MJ-12. Which archives had genuine MJ-12 documents, aside from the carbon copy C-T memo that you've admitted was planted from outside? That is what really is important rather than how many times you visited.

  2. It says in this article that Stanton spoke to people closely tied to MJ-12 members. It doesn't say what they told him. What did each say that established MJ-12 reality?

  3. Stanton notes that any talk of Richard Doty being involved in MJ-12 is unimportant. Then why did the following take place:

    "Much has been said about the MJ-12 film coming from an anonymous source. But was it really anonymous? The film mailed to Shandera came in the mail. It had to come in an large envelope. In fact, a copy of the front of it appears in the 1988 MUFON Symposium Proceedings with a paper by Moore and Stanton Friedman titled, "MJ-12 and Phil Klass: What Are The Facts?" There was one problem. The whole purpose of showing the envelope was to see what the postmark was to give a hint as to where it came from. But Moore and Friedman performed a careful bit of censorship and made sure the copy didn't include the entire postmark, with it being cut off at the top. Why? Because if it had been included, it would show that it came from Albuquerque, New Mexico, home of Kirtland AFB and AFOSI Special Agent you-know-who." (Greenwood, "Appendix A" on this web site)

    Stan knew that the calls for seeing the film envelope back then had everything to do with the postmark, which would have pointed an incriminating finger at Richard Doty. But instead he chose to censor the evidence to hide this. Why hide it? The critics were right in their suspicion about the source and revealed detail that Stan and his cohorts were suppressing.

  4. From Stan,

    Gee, I hate to be the bearer of bad tidings, but please inform Barry that nobody gets to see classified documents at an archive withour an appropriate security clearance and need to know.I know I don't have a clearance or need to know, and don't know anybody who does. Whoever planted the CT memo obviously set things up so it would be found by Moore and Shandera. Remember the post cards? The Archives wouldn't tell me the names of the declassifiers who had handled that box less than a month after the last surviving MJ12 member (Hunsaker) died and less than a month before Moore and Shandera visited.The CT memo had not been "outside".It was under security along with loads of other classified documents.
    The Eisenhower Library told me that they had a filing drawerful of TS code word documents. Not all the archivists had access and none could look to see if there were any documents stamped TOP SECRET MAJIC. I am still waiting for a list of reasons why the CT,TF, and EBD are NOT genuine.
    By the way how many archives has Barry visited?

    Stan Friedman

  5. So you have no genuine paperwork at all referencing MJ-12, nor do you know from where the C-T memo came from or who "planted" it in the archives. What security was it under and where? And you rule out of hand potential planters named Moore and Shandera, even though Moore has provably lied about MJ-12 in his then-career as whistleblower. And you as a scientist should know that it is not up to critics to disprove a negative (that something doesn't exist) but to raise troubling questions about a claim's credibility. It is up to the claimant of an exotic proposition, yourself for example, to prove it. Proof doesn't lie in revisionist history with copies of copies gleaned from dubious personalities. I've been to 8 archives and dealt with many more by phone and letters over the years. None of them testified to the reality of MJ-12. But by your scoreboard, MJ-12 is real because you went to more. By that reckoning, I could prove Leprechauns are real if I visited "x" number of archives without finding a single fleck of verification for them. It was your good luck that all alleged members of MJ-12 were dead before your team ran with the story, fewer dangerous people to testify against the scheme!

  6. Stanton Friedman says there isn't a single problem with the three documents he touts as proof of MJ-12. In the Eisenhower Briefing (EBD) a table near the end cites another disputed document within this document, allegedly signed by President Truman. It is called "Special Classified Executive Order... #092447." Real such documents are called executive orders because only the president can issue one. Real executive orders are sequentially numbered from the earliest years of the republic. This document is numbered in an atypical fashion, using the date of the document instead of the proper sequential system. Real executive orders may be classified but must retain the sequential system used for the presidential issues. This MJ-12 document citation fails to meet the reality test of genuine executive orders. Is this a flaw enough or will Stanton Friedman invent a revisionist history to account for outlier creations like this?

  7. Stan Friedman says: "I am still waiting for a list of reasons why the CT,TF, and EBD are NOT genuine".

    I can give him one good reason, which applies to all of them.

    They are fakes because the events described in these documents (i.e. the crash of a manned ET craft) NEVER TOOK PLACE. That's why. If Friedman disputes this, let him prove to the scientific world that the said events DID take place. He has tried, and failed, for some 35 years now.

    And nobody needed to know all the subtle details of Dr. Menzel's secret past to put his name on the EBD. All he needed was a bit of common sense, and then to try and get a bit of revenge on Menzel for his very strong anti-UFO writings of the past, plus the fact that Menzel's name was obtained from the archived Vannevar Bush papers, as Stan has admitted himself. And some of the data on Menzel's past was known anyway.

    The forger also put Menzel's name on the list in order to send Friedman on a wild goose chase searching Menzel's papers. Some interesting findings yes, but as far as bolstering the case for MJ-12 it was indeed a complete wild goose chase.


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