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MJ-12: Kevin Randle Rails Against Stanton Friedman's Rebuttal

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MJ-12: Kevin Randle Rails Against Stanton Friedman's Rebuttal

By Kevin Randle
The UFO Chronicles
© 1-28-14

     Really? This is the best you can do? I produce a long analysis of the MJ-12 mythology, complete with documentation and the best you can do is point out a mistake that is the result of a misplaced phrase and a computer glitch.* Of course I knew that Cutler had not signed the memo. You said so in your book. This is trivia.

Instead, let’s discuss the lack of provenance. In every other leak of classified material into the public arena, there is a provenance. The reporter, researcher, recipient of the material knows the source who is available to them for questions and authentication. With MJ-12 none of those factors are in evidence and in the world of leaked and questioned documents, this is a huge red flag. You are unable to provide the name of the source or a repository of the information that can be used to verify the authenticity. Without that, you have a work of fiction.

In fact, that could well be the genesis of MJ-12. Bill Moore, Bob Pratt, and probably Richard Doty collaborated on a novel that had the working title MAJIK – 12, but Moore changed the name to The Aquarius Project. It is the blueprint for MJ-12 and was written two YEARS before the film allegedly arrived at Jaime Shandera’s house. When MJ-12 was revealed to the world, Bob Pratt thought it time to “dust off” the novel and see if they could sell it. Isn’t that an interesting coincidence?

And you must remember that Bill Moore talked to you about creating a “Roswell” document in the hopes it would suggest to some witnesses it was now legal for them to talk about the classified research. Yes, you have denied this in the past, but Moore mentioned it to others so it is not from a single source, it is the genesis of MJ-12.

Let’s talk about Project Aquarius, which you ignore. This is, in fact, the original program that evolved into MJ-12. The first mention of MJ-12 is in a document that also mentions Project Aquarius, which it turns out, is a hoax. Isn’t it interesting that this initial appearance of MJ-12 is a hoax? And I haven’t even mentioned the MJ-5 fiasco.

And don’t forget that you have said repeatedly that the Cutler/Twining memo was planted in the National Archives. We just disagree on who placed it there. You fail to mention that the carbon copy was folded as it would have been if mailed (and which makes it easier to conceal in the inside pocket of a suit jacket), but there is no reason to fold it because it would have been filed flat. To me it was planted to provide a provenance for an MJ-12 document as a way to blunt that argument. It failed in that respect.

I don’t really care to argue about the trivia of the distances to the debris field but will say this. It would seem that in a document that includes a section of maps (unavailable to us) it would have the distances calculated precisely, especially from a military organization that contains a couple of dozen trained navigators. Their jobs were critical in combat, so they would have been able to provide precise distances and locations (grid coordinates) which should have been reflected in the body of the EBD but are not.

But the fatal flaw is the Robert Willingham nonsense. Here is something that reflects the state of UFO research in the mid-1980s. Many of us believed in the 1980s that Willingham’s tale of seeing a crashed flying saucer was true when his affidavit appeared. We believed him because he was a high-ranking Air Force officer telling a tale that seemed to be plausible. We believed that Todd Zechel had verified Willingham’s credentials, and now, in the EBD, there was further evidence that his story was true.

But the first version of Willingham’s tale took place in 1948 and involved three objects, one of which crashed. This version was published in 1968 in Skylook and told us Willingham was a CAP officer as opposed to an Air Force officer. To make it worse, he claims to have been flying a fighter that wasn’t operational in 1948.

In the version that appears in the MJ-12 document, the crash took place on December 6, 1950. This can be traced to Zechel and Moore and suggests the UFO was “incinerated” upon impact. Willingham tacitly agreed with that date, but later changed it so that he could tell his ridiculous story about flying fighters in Korea in December 1950.

In the last version, Willingham said that the events took place in 1954 or 1955. If true, then the tale couldn’t appear in a document created in 1952. And further research proved that Willingham had not been an Air Force officer nor was he a fighter pilot. His tale was invention and shouldn’t appear in a document created at the highest levels for the president. They would have known it wasn’t true if it had been told prior to the creation of the EBD, unless, of course, the EBD was created in the 1980s by those who weren’t on the inside and believed the tale at the time.

There is absolutely no evidence of a crash in the El Indio - Guerrero area of Mexico. And before we have to hear that “absence of evidence isn’t evidence of absence” I should point out that I have searched everywhere for evidence of this event. Friends and colleagues have searched for anything related to this published in the right time frame or witnessed in the right time frame at the locations mentioned and have failed. There is nothing to suggest a UFO crash on December 6, 1950. At this point, given the situation, those advocating the authenticity of MJ-12 must present something other than the MJ-12 document as evidence that this crash happened and if unable to do so, should then reevaluate their opinion on MJ-12. Or, to put a point on it, absence of evidence is evidence of absence in this case.

In fact, let’s take it a step farther, if you are advocating a crash on the Plains of San Agustin in July 1947, then you must explain why that is not mentioned in the MJ-12 document. These two points seem to be mutually exclusive. If MJ-12 is real, then this crash must not have happened. If there was such a crash, then MJ-12 must be in error. There would be no reason to withhold this information from a document prepared for the president. Both can’t be authentic and I suspect both are fraudulent.

Or, if you believe there was a crash in Aztec, NM in March 1948, then why wasn’t it mentioned in the MJ-12 document? Doesn’t its absence argue against the authenticity of the Aztec crash? Conversely, if Aztec is a real event, then doesn’t that argue against the authenticity of MJ-12?

What we have in the MJ-12 document is the situation as it existed in the mid-1980s. At that time, those who faked the document didn’t believe in Aztec or the Plains crash but did in the Willingham tale. They attempted to create a document that seemed to have been written in 1952, but these elements have helped us date it. Willingham’s UFO crash tale is the real fatal flaw in MJ-12.

But rather than talk about these points critical to MJ-12, we delve into minutia of it with little regard to the overall picture. We engage in “gotcha” argument rather than something of substance that actually helps us resolve this dilemma. So there is a minor error in my analysis? Does that negate the overall challenge to MJ-12? No, these arguments about it just obscure the truth.

I could drag in aspects of this in which you have made mistakes, including your belief that the signature on the Truman memo is an exact match until you learned that no two signatures are an exact match. Then you changed your tune, but overlooked the minor alteration to the stroke crossing the “T” in Truman. The reason was Truman’s signature habitually touched the text and it was necessary to carefully remove the evidence of where it bushed those letters.

And, I expect to hear about how Phil Klass paid you one thousand dollars because you provided samples of pica type on White House letters.

But if we wish to understand this MJ-12 mess, then it is necessary to understand the major issues arguing against authenticity rather than minor problems with the analysis. Let’s resolve the major issues before we begin with the minor and irrelevant ones.

*For those who have corresponded with me on a regular basis, you know that my computer regularly launches emails in the middle of sentences. It has to do with the way the touch pad is laid into the lap top. I’m not sure what causes it… but this same flaw also will highlight text and delete as I type. I usually catch it and can recover it, but sometimes I don’t see this happening. I catch it on proofreading because there are usually two sentences or two paragraphs jammed together that have no transition. In this case, it took out several paragraphs in which I was discussing, as you did, the sample from Cutler’s office that had been signed. The flow seemed natural and I didn’t catch the change which says that Cutler had signed the memo. Of course he hadn’t and I knew that.

You can take it from there. I have no desire to prolong the agony.


  1. I can tell by the number of comments how interesting MJ-12 is to the public anymore.

    If one wishes to cherry-pick its parts and can't talk about the whole of MJ-12, there is no point in debate. It is like leaving the characters and history out of the Kennedy assassination and just talking about the ballistics of the shooting. It is in Stan's best interest to keep repeating that the documents are real. It is good for his business. It is not in our interest at all in questioning MJ-12 to keep repeating ad nauseum that they aren't. It does nothing for our business. Zero sum gain. The articles articulating problems are on the record and have been for nearly thirty years. Stan persistently avoids going to real political history authorities as those are the people he needs to convince, not Ufologists. Stan must stop showboating within the UFO community and take it all to large, well-funded organizations with the authority to make pronouncements about internal government operations, staffing and paperwork, and therefore its reality. They are out there. He won't go to them. I wonder why?

  2. Stan writes:

    Showboating?? How about my book "TOP SECRET/MAJIC" and my 106 page "Final Report on Operation Majestic 12" and my several MUFON papers?. Who are these large well funded organizations with the authority to make pronouncements about internal (CLASSIFIED) government operations? I don't know of any . Does uhr? I don't know who he is.I have been to 20 archives. How many has he been to? Perhaps he can provide answers to my simple question: What are the reasons for saying that the CT,TF, and EBD, are NOT genuine? How did a hoaxer know all those details that we didn't know to be true until after the documents were received? Please don't tell me that Richard Doty was a bad guy unless you can show he created and sent the documents.
    Stan Friedman

  3. There are piles of facts that can be heaped upon MJ-12 to dissuade thinking folks from embracing it. What makes me bristle about Stan's claims is his very obvious self-promotion that no other authority can do better that his non-authoritative look from his viewpoint of MJ-12. He is not a forensic document analyst. He was never schooled in it anywhere. Any training at all? I haven't heard of it. But he has the audacity to say this in a previous post here:

    "Who are these large well funded organizations with the authority to make pronouncements about internal (CLASSIFIED) government operations? I don't know of any.... I have been to 20 archives. How many has he been to?"

    Apparently Stan Friedman has declared himself the sole authority in the world to make pronouncements about internal classified government operations. Why? Because he's been to twenty archives! Just visited. Never worked at them. How could he? He was never trained to do such work. Been to 20 archives: how many authentic MJ-12 historical papers were uncovered at them? According to Stan, if he went to 20 archives and someone else went to twelve, he wins by 8! That is his qualification to make authoritative statements on forensic document analysis. This isn't even a new claim. Stan said the same decades ago, and it pointed out as ludicrous then, despite the fact that not a single authentic paper on MJ-12 has been unearthed at any archive at all.

    Two of his three prized documents were photocopies of photographs sent to them under extremely suspicious circumstances, and the third a planted sheet to which Stan can't even cite a source. This is called "Superman Forensic Analysis," arriving at conclusions by gigantic leaps and bounds.

    So you don't think Doty was involved with the documents sent to Shandera? Then why did you censor the postmark on the envelope containing the film as used at your 1988 MUFON presentation, knowing full well that it was from Albuquerque, knowing full well that some of the other documents on the film had type styles matching the Craig Weitzel letter (a Doty hoax), and knowing full well that Richard Doty lived in Albuquerque? Not to mention the fact that there were already calls prior to that time to show how the film arrived and from where it came.


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