Friday, May 09, 2014

UFOs Caught on Camera Over Rochester, New York | UFO NEWS

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By Alejandro Rojas

     A photographer captured strange looking objects in some of his beautiful pictures of clouds rolling in over the ocean at night. He can’t figure out what the mysterious objects are and says he has never seen anything like it.

Jim Montanus is a photographer who lives in the town of Greece, New York, a few miles northwest of Rochester. On Wednesday night he was on the docks of the Braddock Bay Marina when he decided to take pictures of the clouds rolling in as they slowly covered the piercing bright twinkling stars against the clear dark night sky.

Montanus told the Democrat & Chronicle newspaper, “It was a very dramatic situation with that front coming in. I was all excited about the photo.”

Upon reviewing the images in the viewfinder he spotted two orange cone shaped objects he had not seen with is naked eye.

He says, “I was looking at these shapes on the back of my cameras and saying what IS it? I don’t believe in UFOs, but, you know, it’s just one of those things. It was just cool.” . . .


  1. I hate to burst the UFO bubble or the lens flare theory but these are what are commonly called sprites or TLE (transient luminous events). Sprites are flashes of bright red light that usually occur in the upper atmosphere above storm systems.

  2. Hi Terry,

    Thanks for taking time to comment.

    Although I leave the door open (ever so slightly) for your theory, by your very own definition re "sprites" along with the (current) evidence on the table–negates that notion.

    There was no thunderstorm; the clouds captured in the image are not cumulonimbus. Moreover, the witness did not see what appears in the images; given the he was observing and photographing the sky–it's a safe bet he would have seen flashes of light, i.e., sprites.



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