Tuesday, May 13, 2014

UFO Investigators Looking Into Recent UFO Sightings in Derry, New Hampshire | VIDEO

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 UFO Investigators Looking Into Recent UFO Sightings in Derry, New Hampshire

By Jennifer Crompton

    The movies have made aliens and UFOs part of our popular culture. But, sightings of unidentified flying objects are very much a part of our daily lives as well.

Whether alien spaceships, secret government projects or debris caught in the wind, they are actively investigated, even in New Hampshire.

Portsmouth couple Betty and Barney Hill's chilling story of a UFO sighting in the White Mountains and alleged encounter with aliens made headlines in the 1960s

These days, looking for UFOs is a hobby among some, with purported sightings often posted to YouTube.

It’s not something Erik Poore ever imagined himself doing, until the real estate photographer from Derry had his own experience.

“This was April 11, about 1:40 in the afternoon,” said Poore. "(I) simply was just out with the dog practicing flying this and didn't see anything ‘til I got home.”

Poore was test-flying his new mini-quad copter with its GoPro camera that day and what it saw above the Robert Frost Homestead in Derry has left him mystified.

“It crossed this entire sky in a second. In a little over half a second,” said Poore. . . .

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