Tuesday, May 20, 2014

UFO Crashes in China; Authorities Cordon Off The Area

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UFO Crashes in China; Authorities Cordon The Area

UFO crashed into the territory of the site has been blocked in Heilongjiang

By www.chinanews.com

Rough Translation (Google)

UFO Crashes in China – Authorities Cordon The Area (2) 5-16-14
     BEIJING, May 16 Harbin Electric ( Reporter Wang Pei Hua relieve ) 16 evening 8:00 , Qiqihar City official released news that same day 6 pm, Qiqihar Baiquan , Yian County police have received a report, UFO sighting in rural counties fell to the ground , where a prosperous town Baiquan discovered three new rural , rural village when Fook found one , Yian double town Meng Chang found a village .

At 13:00 on the 16th , the CNS reporter once Heilongjiang Yian Committee Propaganda Department confirmed Yian SHUANGYANG Meng Chang Village villagers heard this morning a huge piercing sound , and then some villagers saw a big fireball sightings across the sky , falling farmers in the home vegetable garden. Subsequently, the China news agency reporters Cong Cunmin and Chu Paishe photograph seen round the physical metal, surrounded by a jagged envelope .

As of 20 am, Qiqihar official news release after the incident, Qiqihar , Heilongjiang Provincial Public Security Bureau and the Public Security Bureau in Heilongjiang Province, while coordinating and municipal forces and the blockade of the relevant units rushed to the scene and conducted investigation.

After the inquest , three unidentified object fell to the ground Baiquan prosperous new rural towns are fusiform body , outsourcing yellow filaments ; Fook Village when the unidentified object fell to the ground as a silver-gray metal strip ; Yian double Town Bangladesh Changcun unknown metal dome -like objects fall to the ground , surrounded by jagged edges , and there burn marks . 5 unidentified object no toxic gas leak , no toxic fluid leaks, there is no danger of explosion did not cause adverse effects and property damage to local residents . As of now, Qiqihar official said unidentified object fell to the ground still to be identified relevant departments. . . .

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