Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Police Dashcam Captures Daytime Fireball Over Canada | UFO NEWS – VIDEO

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Police Dashcam Captures Daytime Fireball Over Canada 5-4-14

By Chris Kitching

      A dashcam video released by York Regional Police shows the thrilling moment a meteor zipped across the sky with a bright glow Sunday afternoon.

Police shared a five-second video clip with their YouTube and Twitter followers Monday, providing some of the clearest footage of the space rock as it streaked over Ontario at incredible speed.

The moment was filmed by the in-car camera at exactly 4:17 p.m., as the police cruiser travelled through the intersection of Mulock Drive and Steven Court in Newmarket, north of Toronto.

An expert from Western University in London, Ont., confirmed Monday the object was a meteor that entered Earth’s atmosphere.

Astronomy Prof. Peter Brown told CTV News the meteor passed over an area near Peterborough, northeast of Toronto.

Brown said a shockwave was detected by microphones set up by the university, although most of the equipment it uses to track meteors was not functioning when witnesses reported a fireball or loud rumble. . . .

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