Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Enormous 'Black Ring' UFO Caught on Video

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'Black Ring' UFO Photographed in The UK

'It was just floating there like a cloud': Schoolgirl takes picture of 'black ring' UFO

By Daniel Smith
Coventry Telegraph

     A schoolgirl was stunned when when she looked into the sky to see an enormous unexplained black ring.

Georgina Heap, 16, was playing tennis with mum Jo when she was stopped in her tracks by the fascinating sight.

Gazing into the sky, the pair saw a clearly defined black circle which looked like a giant smoke ring.

The UFO remained there for around three minutes before it disappeared completely.

Georgina, who is studying for her GCSEs, said: "I looked up at it and thought, 'what the hell?', it was amazing.

"It was just floating there like a cloud and then it disappeared. It wasn't birds either.

"There were about ten of us who stopped what we were doing and watched. It is the weirdest thing I have ever seen."

The spectacle, which appeared near Leamington Spa, on Friday evening, has stumped officials. . . .


  1. This has nothing to do with mythological phenomena.Only scientists can probe into the incident and arrive at a convincing conclusion.D.RaghavendraRao

  2. DRRao Deshande,

    Thank you for taking time to make comment; however, you are incorrect on both counts: First, your description, "mythological phenomenon" is an oxymoron and certainly scientists would be the practical answer to explain the "black ring," but to say they are the only ones to probe into the incident and come up with a rational answer–is simply not true.



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