Wednesday, April 30, 2014

"Silent, Low Flying, Triangle-Shaped UFOs Move Overhead"

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Three Silent, Low Flying, Triangle-Shaped UFOs Move Overhead - Johannesburg, South Africa 4-23-14

South African witness reports low flying UFOs

By Roger Marsh
The Examiner

     A witness in Johannesburg, South Africa, reported watching three silent, low flying, triangle-shaped UFOs move overhead, according to April 27, 2014, testimony in Case 55806 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The witness was outside observing the sky just after 9 p.m. on April 23, 2014, when an object was noticed in the Belt of Orion area of the sky.

"Its triangular or V-shape was apparent only due to the thin V-shaped wisps of cloud engulfing its flanks," the witness stated. "The inside borders of the clouds were straight and clearly defined. The 'craft' appeared to be quite low and sped directly across the sky, disappearing behind the tree line in my garden in a northerly direction. Its altitude, speed and direction were constant. There was absolutely no sound." . . .


  1. Anonymous7:29 AM

    It's so frustrating to learn of a UFO sighting and not have any evidence that proves the aircraft actually existed. I am not doubting the observer's report, but it's time we develop a plan to prove or disprove the existence and origins of these numerous UFO's. Furthermore, the people must stand on the government for the truth. What if UFO's are terrestrial in nature? What if there is another whole level of knowledge and technology whose origins are not from beyond earth? Then what folks? I have no doubt the elitist enjoy technology that is not available to the commoner. And, this elitist privilege is not new in human history; it goes back as far as recorded history and I assume beyond. Ladies and gentlemen the only way to discover the truth is to become an ELITIST. Good day.

  2. The government won't ever admit other life exists as this goes against all regions beliefs. If the government did this they would be showing they don't believe in God. The whole reason relgion was setup was to control each country's people by ensuring they all share common morals beliefs

  3. I saw almost the exact same thing in about 1974 in Struer, Denmark.
    Together with my mum I saw 3 triangled objects moving in total silence just before midnight.
    They appeared from the harbour in our small town at the same time we arrived to our home in a car.
    A light that looked like when the moon is lid up by the sun at night glowed out of all 3 - it was like it was reflected light somehow.
    There was no kind of other light from them.
    The speed was not changing.

    The size was impossible to deside.
    My guess is that they were moving with about 15-20 km/h at 100-300 meters hight, and the size of each object was (about) 20-40 meters where they were widest - all that was impossible to tell though as there was no sound or light hitting the ground (at least not where I was, on a street in the city).

    My mum at 85 still remembers what we saw. I was 12 in 1974.

  4. June 29Th 2020. I saw the same thing. Low flying, Silent, one would say it's see through too, Triangle UFO. I really wish I could plug you with evidence as well but I honestly froze in disbelief and I just kept Watching.


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