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UFOs Emitting Beams of Light Reported Over Illinois | PHOTO

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UFOs Emitting Beams of Light Reported Over Illinois 11-18-13


     On my drive to work, roughly 4am chicago time) I saw strange lights almost immediately once I got out of my subdivision and onto a secondary road. Whilst driving west on 143 rd st. in Homer Glen from west of Parker rd to HWY i355 I was completely enamored by these strangely shaped beams of light. Once I got to the HWY I saw them more clearly. Just by luck I had my "good" cell phone with me and was able to snap a shot of the lights.

The lights did not move, they did not make noise. I observed them from some distance. I was on the HWY and they looked to be high in the sky off in the distance south of i355 @ archer ave. exit.

One was red-orange, one was white, one was yellow, and the others were very faint, but there seemed to be at least 4 and as many as 6 beams of light.

I first thought that the lights may be some chemical reaction of the gasses released into the atmosphere by the refinery, but then I saw the smoke from the refinery being blown away almost immediately escaping the smoke stack, and these lights were high above making it seem impossible that plumes of anything would go straight up because of the winds that morning.

my feelings were that of amazement. I don't like to jump to conclusions as to what this may be. I am smart enough o realize that I do not know much about chemical reactions of gasses in the atmosphere and I also know nothing about aliens, or UFO sightings.

I lost sight of the object by the time I got to the i55 exit because I kept driving on my way to work.


  1. I saw this too. Was at approximately 5:45 am. It looked like the skylights you see at grand opening events but there were multicolor and not moving. Was in the vicinity of the Citgo refinery so did not question it. Northern lights?

  2. These are ice crystals, We get them on cold winter nights up here in Ft McMurray, Alberta Canada. These lights shown on other sites too. They reflect off a light source and the light doesn't even have to be facing. Sorry people, these are not what you think.


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