Saturday, January 18, 2014

'One Big UFO' Over Dacula, Georgia

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    I was driving home down a dark back road so there were no lights out. For some reason I looked up to my left and along with MANY aircraft flying all over the sky with their blinking lights I saw a HUGE formation of lights in a long line. There were at least 10-15 red lights in a row pulsating but sequentially. They were very dim and almost looked like it would just fade out any minute.

When I spotted it I immediately said "what the HELL is that" and I never say hell. Immediately I thought...wait, maybe it is a string of lights over a production plant (because there were several in the area) that I never had noticed befor. I thought it was part of a tower even though the lights were horizontal. So I thought maybe they were on the top of a very tall fence or strung across something. It looked pretty close and low. When I went down hill, it went behind the trees and when I popped up it had moved. This continued and I continued watching it move steadily across in front of me and continue to my right.

I was travelling due West and it went from south to north so now I knew it was not stationary lights but it moved so slowly it was hard to tell it was not stationary. Also now I could see it in relation to planes flying overhead and could tell it was much further out then they were. I kept saying in awe..."what the HECK IS that???"

I was driving so I couldnt count the lights and study it for a long time. I had to keep looking at the road so I wouldnt wreck and I didn't want to pull over on a narrow shoulder on this dark road. I noticed that it looked like it was in fog so I thought the sky must be hazy but after I got to where I could no longer see it, I Looked up and noticed that all the planes and stars were very bright. The sky was crystal clear with a very bright moon.

The reason I lost it is because I came into my town which not only was brightly lit but I couldnt see beyond the tree line now. It was too far to the north and trees were surrounding me.

I was thinking this thing was either a formation of many crafts or it was one HUGE craft that had many lights outlining it. It really looked like it was probably a massive craft with lights on it. I got that impression because there was also a light in front of it (not red) and also because the lights stayed in such a perfect straight line. It moved very very slowly and if it was so far away that it looked hazy and slow, then that means it was far bigger than I thought. ONE Of the red lights was not much smaller than the planes in the sky so if you can imagine at least 10-15 red lights in a row that is one big UFO.

Even if I had taken a picture, it wouldn’t have turned out because the lights were so dim, not at all bright like the planes.

I was really amazed the whole time and was very hyper when I got home telling my husband all about it and emailing my mom. I told my so as soon as he got home. I am still stunned and will keep checking our local area to see if anyone else spotted it.

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  1. Why are there not better pictures when there was a nearly full moon?


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