Thursday, January 30, 2014

Large Black Mass Triangle Shaped UFO Hovering Over Roof Tops | MY UFO EXPERIENCE

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Large Black Mass Triangle Shaped UFO Hovering Over Roof Tops
Illustration By Witness

Witness Submitted Report

     This happened July 14 2012

Walking home 6:30 am see a passenger jet fly kinda close over, hear it. Turn the corner 5 seconds later & see a large black mass triangle shaped floating close, quietly hovering over the roof tops and tree tops. There was no sound so i was confused as to the actual size and distance of the unknown air craft. It stopped over the middle of the street as I stepped off the sidewalk.

I caught a glimpse of a very bright light sweeping the block lighting up the front of the houses as i stepped into the street i was engulfed in white, yellow, orange warm light. The lights were so bright my vision was obscured.

For a second i tried to see what it was but could only make out a glimpse of solid black color sharp edges & triangle shape before it started to kinda fade or shrink away.

I grabbed the camera around my neck pointed & took the picture you see attached.

Large Black Mass Triangle Shaped UFO Hovering Over Roof Tops  (Original) (Crpd) 7-14-12

Somehow it instantly jumped into the sky fast as lightning with no sound. It went up into the sky directly away from me. It vanished in the exact opposite direction along the angle of my POV on the horizon.

It didn't fly up of east or west, it flew fast as lightning exactly 'away' from me. *mindblown

Left me standing stunned int he street it was like nothing i ever imagined before.

I was born and rasied on USAF military bases next to the flight line & have decades of experience with the subject. My vision is 20-20

I cannot explain what it was or how it overcame gravity & inertia instantly vanishing into the sky making no sound.

that's it. I invite anyone with expertise to look very closely at the picture. I am not a genius & cannot just make a story up like this and fake those pictures. It is real. It was a very, very advanced technology of which i never though poss. I also included an artist impression of what i saw. I made the street picture with photoshop to try to convey what it looked like.

I've oncluded the original picture taken with a Canon G7 auto

IT is the picture and experience of my life time. the event actually scared me/ left me shaken & jarred for months afterwards. I'm 6'3" and do not intimidate very easily.

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