Thursday, October 03, 2013

"We Saw UFOs," Claim Yucatán Villagers; Police Fear Radioactivity

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'We Saw UFOs,' Claim Yucatán Villagers – Police Fear Radioactivity
Villagers collected the remains of an alleged meteorite and took it to the local police station.


Villagers of Ichmul, municipality Chikindzonot Yucatecan, fear diseases

      Residents report that since the impact in the forest of what is presumed to be a meteorite, locals have been seeing strange objects flying all over the place.

Ramón Tun Uicab a resident of the precinct, said that at night a noise similar to a washing machine running, but when you leave your home to see what it sees nothing suspicious.

"I'm sure it's some kind of flying ship, and that sound comes from above and I heard last night (Friday), but it went away and I did not see anything," he says.

The police Cecilio indicates Heredia Couoh fear that the objects found at the site contain radioactivity.

"We do not know what to think. We do not know what went down really, but we're pretty sure it's not a meteorite, "he says.

"We did not invent anything, and we know that not everyone believes what is happening, we understand that each person has a different view, but something strange is happening," he says.. . .

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