Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Were UFOs Monitoring Iran's Nuclear Facilities? Military Magazine Reveals Close Encounters

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Were UFOs Monitoring Iran's Nuclear Facilities – Military Magazine Reveals Close Encounters

Military magazine highlights Iranian air force encounters with UFOs

By Jason McClellan

     The Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force (IRIAF) has reportedly used F-14A Tomcats to intercept UFOs for decades.

An article in the October 2013 issue of the military aviation magazine Combat Aircraft Monthly details the history of the Tomcat aircraft in the IRIAF. Near the end of the article, a section titled “UFO hunters” describes that F-14s have been used by the air force during the last twenty years to “intercept foreign and unknown aircraft.”

The article explains that, when Iran’s nuclear program was revealed, the U.S. used unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to gather reconnaissance from nuclear facilities in the fall of 2004. IRIAF reportedly had four F-4 and four F-14 interceptors standing by, twenty-four hours a day, because of this UAV presence. Other F-4s and F-14s were kept on alert, and some were even flown every night to monitor the area’s airspace. But some of the unidentified craft they encountered were anything but ordinary.

UFOs were spotted multiple times by both ground radar and airborne radar. According to Combat Aircraft Monthly, Iranian sources described that the UFOs “displayed astonishing flight characteristics, including an ability to fly outside the atmosphere, attain a maximum cruise speed of Mach 10, and a minimum speed of zero, with the ability to hover over the target.” These craft also reportedly emitted high levels of magnetic energy that disrupted navigation systems and jammed radars. . . .

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  1. I do believe in ET but it seems that the Government and media has suddenly gone from total disbelief to all out excited acceptance. NASA is now spilling it's guts about information it closely guarded for decades. In some cases, like the all out acceptance of ET as God's own at Vatican and ET will save us from our selves: we must ask a wary WHY? This could be the deception to end all deceptions. How easily humans, like sheep are led . Since the government now has this space/aircraft technology : How difficult would it be for a few appearances of so called "reptiles" to be manifested here and there.
    Little grey men and big grey men and perhaps a giant spider or two. I'd say Hollywood could even have a hand in an attempt to force humans to join together in some kind of survival brotherhood for the good of the NWO of course. Just saying, something is not right about this government turnabout. As Hillary said; Never waste a good disaster or an invasion of little grey men.


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