Tuesday, October 01, 2013

UFOs Hovering Over Ship in Distress? | VIDEO

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UFOs Hovering Over Ship in Distress?

UFOs Hover Over Smoking Ship, Then Vanish

Lee Speigel By Lee Speigel
The Huffington Post

      A number of unusual glowing lights recently appeared in the sky near a smoking ship reportedly somewhere off the California coast. They moved in that dazzling way that gets UFO enthusiasts excited, lighting up the sky.

Then, one-by-one, the lights disappear in different directions away from the ship.

According to the YouTube poster of the video, looknowtv, these unidentified objects were "recorded in California from the viewpoint of the beach. You can see a few UFOs flying over or behind this ship which appears to have a large amount of smoke coming from it."

The lack of further details from the videographer and YouTube poster raises many red flags and questions of credibility here.

So, HuffPost showed the video to one of our resident UFO image and video analysts, Marc Dantonio, owner of FX Models, a company that creates special miniature prototypes for government and military projects.

"Remarkably, this does look like something I have seen!" Dantonio told HuffPost in an email. . . .

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  1. That 'expert' should give up his day job. ANYONE can see they do not act like jets. they act like U F O s


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