Wednesday, October 16, 2013

UFO Spotted Over Marsh Green (UK) | VIDEO

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UFO Spotted Over Marsh Green 10-15-15


A WIGAN man claims to have seen martians meandering through the skies over Marsh Green.

      The man, who doesn’t wish to be named, spotted a mysterious object last night (Tuesday) and was so stunned he whipped out his mobile phone and filmed it.

“It was big and orange and moving oddly - it wasn’t a plane or helicopter and it looked too big to be one of those chinese lantern things. I don’t know what it was. Perhaps it was martians, who knows?

“It was late - about quarter past eleven - and I was just going to bed when I saw it out the corner of my eye.”

There have been numerous sightings of strange objects over the skies of Wigan during the last decade - some easily explained, some not so. . . .

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  1. I know this is a very old post but I have only just seen it. I Just want to mention that I saw a long white cigar shaped object at around 3pm in the afternoon in June 2012. whilst I was in my garden in Marsh Green Wigan. The cigar shaped object even had a silver/grey band around the middle. It was very low, silent, left no vapor trail and had no windows whatsoever. The object was about as long as 2-3 passenger planes.Although I had my mobile phone in my hand at the time I was so shocked that I didn't even think to video the object but I also put that down to being a pensioner...we don't tend to think about things like that. What amazed me most was the fact it had no windows. So due to my personal experience. I feel that they are definitely out there. Whoever they are.


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