Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Details of UFO Sighting Include a Humanoid & Missing Time

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Details of UFO Sighting Include a Humanoid & Missing Time

Missouri witnesses report missing time after close encounter

By Roger Marsh
The Examiner

      A Missouri witness at Piedmont reported watching a large, orange-red glowing ball just above her rooftop that was followed by a "humanoid" sighting and missing time, according to testimony in Case 47649 closed as an Unknown Aerial Vehicle, the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) announced September 19, 2013.

The witness, who wants to remain anonymous, first heard a "strange humming sound" and stepped outside to investigate on her 100-acre property about 11:10 p.m. on May 24, 2013.

"Saw a large, brightly glowing, orange/red ball of light on the northeast corner of my house, just above the roof line and approximately 15 feet from the house," the witness stated. "It looked like a solid object underneath a halo of light surrounding it. I was standing about 30 away from the object. I was in shock and stood there, frozen."

The woman called her 36-year-old son to come outside.

"We both watched this object, for about 20 minutes or so, as it hovered in the same spot, wavering somewhat, then it moved to the southeast and noticed that there were at least 10 more of these objects in the woods at and below the tree line about 100 yards from our position. The object moved very slowly towards the woods, seeming to be unaware of our presence or not to care that we saw it."

The woman tried to get her cell phone to work in order to photograph the objects, but it would not work.

"I thought the battery was drained, but after the object was out of sight, the phone resumed working."

The two decided to go back into the house, but then something caught the woman's attention.

"There was a 4-foot-tall humanoid being standing next to the tree and a little behind it. . . .

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