Thursday, September 26, 2013

ROSWELL UFO CRASH: New Evidence Concerning ‘Photographs’ of Alien Bodies Revealed!

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ROSWELL UFO CRASH: New Evidence Concerning ‘Photographs’ of Alien Bodies Revealed

The Rumored “New Roswell Evidence”

We have received the following account of what Kevin Randle’s Dream Team has discovered, and which has been rumored for a while here and elsewhere.

The sender is a credible, reliable source, but that said, I can’t vouch for all that is indicated but do know that some of it is what I’ve heard also.

I’ve emended [sic] where needed:

By Anonymous

Copyright 2013, InterAmerica, Inc.
[Use of this material without permission will be met by a copyright infringement lawsuit]

      Kevin Randle’s sidekicks heard that a woman, while handling an estate deal in Texas, came across some Kodachrome slides stashed in the lid of an old trunk at the home of the deceased woman whose estate she was closing.

Passing the slides on to her brother, a businessman in Chicago, got the attention of Tom Carey of the Roswell Dream Team.

Mr. Carey notified his fellow team-members and they set out to determine if what the slides showed were in fact what they assumed them to be: bodies lying on gurneys, covered midway by army blankets, from the Roswell area in 1947.

The bodies were not quite human but not quite unearthly either.

Carey and his fellow members took the slides to a Chicago newspaper and also allowed Eastman Kodak experts to examine the slides.

Both entities agreed that the Kodachromes were from the 1947 era.

The photos were taken, sneakily, by the husband of the woman in whose house they were found.

He was a geologist on a field trip near Roswell in the summer of 1947. He and his fellow geologists came upon an Army mop-up of what seemed to be an accident.

The area was cordoned off and the geologists told not to interfere or get involved.

The geologist snapped a few pictures unbeknownst to the Army and secreted his camera away.

His name was Bernerd A. Ray and he eventually went to work for Silas Newton
of Aztec notoriety.

When he died, his wife put the slides in hiding for fear, apparently, of government reprisal.

Now that the slides have come forward, the Randle team has tried to get a media outfit to do something with them.

CNN was contacted but did not wish to go forward since the persons providing the slides were known Roswell advocates of the extraterrestrial persuasion, CNN thinking the slides might be a ruse to sell more Roswell stories.

Those who have seen the slides and bodies in them think the corpses are alien entities.

That may be disputed since there is no corroborating evidence to confirm that conclusion.

Where the slides are now is not known by this writer. Nor do I know what the Randle team is doing about the matter.

But this is part of what the Roswell team is working with and on.

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