Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Argentine UFO Researchers Call for Declassification of Secret Files

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Argentina UFO Files

By Diario Jornada

Argentine UFO (unidentified flying object) specialists and researchers asked, during a public hearing today with the City Council of Rosario to "declassify official records" pertaining to the UFO phenomenon saying, "no one is in doubt of their its existence."

     "We are asking for the declassification of UFO records in Argentina, just as several countries in our region such as Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, Ecuador, and Peru now, and have been declassified to their communities," said Silvia Simondini Telam, member of the Study of the UFO Phenomenon in Argentina (CEFORA).

"We deserve that same thing to happen here in Argentina," he explained.

In the public hearing held this afternoon at the City of Rosario, among others who attended were: Roberto Banchs, ElĂ­as Kolev and Luis Reinoso, all students of the UFO phenomenon.

During the talk and public request for declassification of official records, details were given of the start of the studies on the subject in the United States 60 years ago; local cases were illuminated as well as official reports from different countries of the world.

"We are fully aware that military agencies have been involved with the UFO phenomenon from the beginning and there are records that have been classified for many years," said Simondini.

An integral goal of CEFORA is that "researchers have knowledge of all things that have happened in our country; we want to know what the military agencies know . . and let people know that this is a reality." . . .

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