Tuesday, September 03, 2013

UFO Hovering Over New York Highway Caught On Video

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UFO Hovering Over New York Highway Caught On Video (Spring 2013)

UFO Hovering Over NY’s Highway 87 Captured On Video

By Dana Matthews

     A midnight drive through southern New York has yielded an intriguing video of a UFO hovering over the highway, and the three lights don’t look like any conventional aircraft.

The amateur footage was captured last spring by Tyler Cook, who was driving home on New York’s highway 87 late one evening. When Cook noticed the odd lights in the sky, he reached for his camera phone.

“I was driving home from New Paltz at about 12:30 A.M and heading towards Harriman,” he told Reddit. “About halfway through the trip I see this light from very far away, and the lights are kind of meshed together. As I grow closer I realize it’s three lights next to each other just above the tree line and to left of the highway, and I was approaching it quickly.”

The video shows a trio of lights that appear to hover over the left side of the highway, and as a nervous Cook narrates his disbelief, it becomes clear that the glowing orbs are situated lengthwise in a cigar-shape.
I didn’t see any blinking lights at all, and for how close I got to it as I drove passed, I think i would have seen them. The weird thing about the object was that even though I was driving passed it on the right, the perspective I saw of the three lights never changed. From about 2 miles away (or however far I was at the beginning of the video and before) it was three lights in a line, and as I passed it on the right they were still three lights in a line.

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