Monday, September 02, 2013

UFO, Meteor, Space Debris? Russian Fireball Puzzles Sky-Watchers | VIDEO

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UFO, Meteor, Space Debris? Russian Fireball Puzzles Sky-Watchers | VIDEO


     Witnesses in Russia’s Far East were astounded to see a spectacular burning object break up in the sky near Vladivostok. Though bloggers hailed it as a “meteor,” scientists are skeptical.

Photos and videos of the object posted online have provoked a debate on Russian social networks, with various ideas offered for what it might be.

“I was sitting in my car. I did not start taking pictures immediately – first I did not pay attention. It was flying soundless,” said one Internet user, who posted several photos of the event.

Witnesses said the early morning sky over Russky Island, across Vladivostok Bay, was lit up by a fireball, which later turned into a flaming line that remained in the sky for an hour and a half.

Some Russian media reported the sightings as a “meteor,” saying it was some 15 kilometers above the ground.

Other people speculated that the object could be a plane, an unmanned aircraft, a space craft or a distress flare. . . .


  1. NASA's "Project Bluebeam". It's a "plasma ball", a holographic image. Notice the dual exhaust streams trailing the object. Go to Youtube and watch "Fake Asteroid Impact Coming Soon!" We are being hoaxed!!

  2. Nuclear warhead burning off?


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