Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Is This Bigfoot? Unidentified Animal Seen On Trail Cam

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Is This Bigfoot? Unidentified Animal Seen On Trail Cam

By Roger Williams

     Can you help identify this animal from the picture shown here?

It is unclear if this is an unverified picture of a “Bigfoot.” It was recently discovered on a “trail cam” placed in the nearby mountains.

It was surprising, to say the least, when I discovered the image on the camera’s disc. What in the world can this be?

Carefully scrutinizing the image, it appears that the right arm shows fingers as the animal grasps the base of the tree stump. It also has elongated feet similar to a man’s appendages. Its fur is matted on the back but thin on the arms and legs. Unfortunately, the head and face are not shown by the image taken. . . .


  1. Anonymous11:28 AM

    No, it has all the traits and looks of a Chimp or even a Spider Monkey. It could possibly even be a real scraggly and mangy black bear that is half starved and sick. Lets remember, Sasquatch are much bigger, bi-pedal and the head and body are very different from the animal above. This is either a photo of a chimp from it's natural habitat in Africa or if it can indeed be proven to have been taken here in the USA then it is very likely an escaped pet or even a chimp that has been let loose in the wilds of America. I'm a total believer in Sasquatch as I have had two sightings myself and this photo does more damage to the credibility of Sasquatch than anything else sorry to say.

  2. Its a bear with thinning hair on the limbs.

  3. You guys are reporting old news. It's a mangy bear.

    See http://doubtfulnews.com/2013/08/virginia-trail-cam-photo-has-some-suggesting-bigfoot/

  4. Escaped chimp. The limbs are too narrow and long to be a bear and it's obviously not a Bigfoot; bears elbows are at chest level. If BFs are real, they're supposed to be far more powerful than the hind legs on that and far taller.

  5. Thank you all for chiming in. As stated elsewhere, all comments, deductions etc., are superfluous without inspecting, verifying the source material.

    That said, one thing the author/hunter was curious about were the elongated feet, noting that they were akin to "a man's appendages." After studying dozens of bear pics, I'm satisfied that bears do indeed have elongated rear paws/feet. Moreover, I would think a "hunter" would be cognizant of that.

    Additionally, most trail cams are "motion" triggered, I find it difficult to believe that there is only "one" pic as stated by the author/hunter.

    Finally, "going by the picture alone," one thing I did find curious and this after looking at dozens of bear pics as stated above–was the omission of ears. Someone else suggested that this was a "hump" between the shoulder blades, yet I haven't seen an example of that in my (cursory) look.

    By the way, the author/hunter as stated in the piece is "leaning towards a bear" as well as is positing a query (and getting a lot of attention at the same time).



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