Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Multiple UFOs Caught On Video Over Kernersville, North Carolina | VIDEO

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Multiple UFOs Caught On Video Over Kernersville, North Carolina | VIDEO


     I was driving home west bound on market street and noticed six or more lights hovering and changing colors. Three of the lights ascended in tandem. They raised and lowered behind the tree tops from my view three or four times. I stopped my truck on the side of the road and watched them for approx. 2 minutes before I decided to video them with my cell phone. By that time there were only two left, but i did record them. They eventually faded away in the darkness. . . .

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  1. we saw a massive 'aerial event' in kernersville about a month ago...lights flashing in a synchronized pattern forming a gigantic oval that traveled from north to south east - no sound, slight hum but this was followed by a formation of three red lights moving together as if part of a giant object....it was mind-boggling and difficult to comprehend, and it was dark so no solid objects could be identified either


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