Sunday, August 11, 2013

Ex-FBI Agent Says, Bulgaria UFO Video is No Hoax | VIDEO

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Ex-FBI Agent Says, Bulgaria UFO Video is No Hoax
Credit: nedialko kostadinov / YouTube

Bulgaria UFO Video Under Scrutiny By Ex-FBI Agent Ben Hansen

Lee Speigel By Lee Speigel
The Huffington Post

     A fast moving, silent, circular, brightly lit object was videotaped moving across the night sky of Haskovo, Bulgaria, on August 4.

The video, posted by one "nedialko kostadinov," shows the unusual object passing behind numerous wires and structures and changing colors and intensity. Near the beginning of the video is what appears to be an aircraft of some kind, possibly behind the UFO. And several commenters chime in on the YouTube page, claiming to have also seen the same object within 24 hours of the posting of this video.

HuffPost showed the video to one of our resident skeptics, Ben Hansen, the lead investigator of the Syfy Channel's "Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files." Surprisingly, Hansen likes the video and doesn't think this particular UFO was a hoax.

"Yes, that is interesting," Hansen wrote in an email to HuffPost. "If the video is hoaxed, using computer graphics, the videographer has some decent editing skills and a lot of time on their hands. Although it's by no means impossible to hoax such a video, a hoaxer needs to overcome multiple technical challenges.

"They need to allow the object to pass behind wires and buildings (a tedious editing process we call rotoscoping), keep the object's size correct when the camera zooms in and out, degrade the object's image properly when zooming in, and add realistic effects, such as image wobbling." . . .


  1. The FBI is a widely-known lying organization. But you want to believe UFOs are full of little space aliens, so suddenly the FBI becomes credible?

  2. if you were agle to fly around silently after dark , why would you be all lit up? throw the switch tun out the lights, afrsaid of bumping into something in the dark? not really making fun saw a ufo brad day light over north canton, ohio in 2003 low and slow silent shimmering like heat waves emmitting headed to the north east.

    semper fi

  3. So,the turkish UFO was real!....The Bulgarian UFO was genuine!.....Granted....Such news is likely to please budding ufologists.Such news should feature large on TV networks.....Instead of that,not one single French TV station reported these breathtaking events.....Once again,piling up UFO reports won t change anything!....UFOs will gain respect and serious reporting only when the UFONAUTS themselves decide to come out into the open and given the fact that accounts of strange objects date back to the dawn of time,we might have to be patient.


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