Friday, July 19, 2013

UFOs Photographed Off Pacific Coast

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UFOs Over Dana Point, California (1 of 5) 7-5-13


    DANA POINT, CALIFORNIA JULY 5 - My girlfriend and I were sitting on my deck chatting. We live 500 feet from the edge of the Pacific Ocean It was an overcast night, no stars in the sky and very dark. It was easy that we both noticed a very bright light (gold in color) in a south/southwest direction from our point of view. As we are both associated with the aeronautical business we knew immediately it was not a commercial aircraft.

The light was extremely bright and after several seconds over viewing it, a second light of the same color appeared to the right of it. The two lights appeared to come closer to our location but it would stop and hover. There was no sound. The two lights then turned into a row of several angled lights (4-6). It appeared to us the object was banking and flying in a direction of higher altitude. It was soundless and the lights began blinking until it simply went dark. We both took 3/5 pictures with our cell phones.

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