Saturday, July 20, 2013

"The Three Lights Then Converged into One Point" | MY UFO EXPERIENCE

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The Three Lights Then Converged into One Point - Coventry Warwickshire

Reader Submitted Report

     I was in my garden at around 11.55 last night 16th July 2013 in Coventry. I was looking up into the sky and playing with my stargazing phone app when I heard the trees in neighbouring gardens start to rustle but there was no breeze and then suddenly above my head appeared 3 bright white lights in a triangular formation! There was no other noise accept for the trees rustling. The 3 lights then converged into 1 point of light and then back to the triangular formation and then disappeared over the roof of my house. As it disappeared the trees stopped rustling!

I am hoping that someone else has witnessed what I saw last night!

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