Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Citizens Ask, "Are We Being Visited?" After UFO is Filmed and Multiple Sightings Continue | UFO NEWS | VIDEO | Bundaberg, Australia

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UFO Filmed Over Bundaberg, Australia - November, 2012

Are we being visited? UFO accounts pile up in Bundy
By Crystal Jones and Jim Alouat
Experience still baffles
ON DECEMBER 14, Jason was out the back of his house in Thabeban talking to his cousin on the phone. "It was a very clear night and I could see all the stars out, I was looking out in the north east of the sky when I noticed (I had been looking that way for a few minutes) a bright light appear about half way in the sky," he said. Jason said he thought it was a bit strange because if it was a plane he would have seen the light from the start. "It seemed to accelerate on a 45 degree angle heading towards the atmosphere, it was only viewable for around 20 seconds, and then it appeared to get brighter as it made its course and then it was gone," he said. "I didn't see it leave the atmosphere (doubt I'd know even if it did) it just vanished." Jason said he was left puzzled by the object he had seen in the sky. "I doubt it was a plane as they don't go towards the atmosphere, I assume a weather balloon would go directly upwards, not on an angle," he said. "I also do not think it was a rocket as this thing did not leave a trail of smoke at all, it also appeared out of nowhere, I've seen plenty of rockets in the skies over my life and this wasn't a rocket." The Bundaberg man, who wished only to be known by his first name, said he could not come up with an explanation for what he saw. "I've never seen a UFO, but I couldn't explain this and it's baffled me ever since," Jason said. . . .


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