Saturday, November 24, 2012

American Ufologist Jim Moseley, STILL Supreme Commander 1931-2012 | VIDCAST INTERVIEW

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Jim Moseley

Jim Moseley, Journal Subscriber, 1931-2012

By Lance Moody
© 11-20-12
     My friend, Jim Moseley, died last week.

Jim published the longest-running UFO publication, Saucer Smear, an irreverent look at the personalities involved in the UFO field. His sense of humor was legendary and you can be certain that anyone who tells you that they didn't like Jim is a pompous ass. The term, "Journal Subscriber," above, is an inside joke that I know the Moseley faithful will appreciate.

I talked with Jim on the phone about once a month for 20 years or so.

We would laugh and talk for hours. I am gonna miss that.

I met Jim in person on a few occasions. In 2001, I interviewed him for my now abandoned documentary on Otis T. Carr. We shot the interview at the site of the famous Silver Bridge collapse in Gallipolis, Ohio. I dug up the footage and threw it together yesterday. I was amazed to find how all-encompassing our conversation was. We covered most of the Moseley canon: Long John Nebel, his cross-country UFO pilgrimage, the contactees, the Straith hoax, Gray Barker, Men in Black, Mothman, Phil Klass, Stanton Friedman, Karl Pflock and, of course, Saucer Smear.

When we started filming, I asked Jim to agree that he wasn't expecting any financial renumeration for the interview. Without batting an eye, he said, "Well, I can always hope...!"

I enjoyed watching Jim tell the old stories and I hope you will, too.

* Special Thanks To Lance Moody

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