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Air Force Cover Up? Early Report Stated, "4 Employees [Air Force Personnel] Became Sick While Working at The [Missile Launch] Facility"; Air Force Now Says There was No Leak, Injuries or Illness! (VIDEO)

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Missile Leak Closes Roads in Montana 11-14-12

By Frank Warren
The UFO Chronicles

GRASS RANGE, MT—On Wednesday, November 14th, news reports were coming out of Montana warning of a “potential” gas leak from a nuclear launch facility; accordingly, Malmstrom Air Force and Fergus County authorities shut down part of Montana Highway 19 to its junction with U.S. 191.

Malmstrom's Public Affairs Office by way of a “Lt. Chase McFarland” would only admit to abnormal readings which indicated a gas leak at one of the launch sites and all actions taken were merely precautionary.

Missile Map with LFs Indicated
Montana of course is littered with active Minuteman Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBM); the consensus of the news reports indicates the (potential) leak occurred at one of the LF’s a few miles north of Grass Range. The first of these off of highway 19 would be part of “November Flight” (LF 3), and further north is “Oscar Flight” (LF’s 6 and 5 respectively).

Coincidently, that general area has seen a very recent rash of UFO sightings; moreover, Oscar Flight in particular is cemented into UFO history when 10 missiles went offline (1967) while UFOs were being reported topside. A similar incident occurred a week apart at “Echo Flight” (north of Oscar); documents uncovered via FOIA requests verified that the Air Force did investigate the latter and relegated the notion of UFO reports as “disproved rumors” and attributed the cause of the missile shutdowns to conventional cause or malfunction. The “Official Report” is in stark contrast to the accounts of former Air Force personnel who have come forward, as well as documentary evidence and news reports of the time.

Within 24 hours of the current incident, the highway was reopened and Malmstrom AFB would issue the following press release:

“While preparing to conduct maintenance in a Minuteman III Launch Facility (LF) northeast of Lewistown Wed. afternoon, Malmstrom AFB personnel detected abnormal readings indicating a potential chemical leak from the missile. Subsequent testing verified that no such leak had occurred, and that the launch facility and the missile itself were safe.

Col H.B Brual, 341st Missile Wing commander stated, ‘Public safety is a top priority, and therefore base and local officials ensured the right resources and expertise were brought to bear in resolving the situation.’"

Additionally, that press release embedded in local news reports was accompanied with the declaration (by Malmstrom AFB) that there was, “no leak, injuries or illness”; painting the entire episode as a “false alarm.”

This brings us to one report in particular, which aired on the evening of November 14th, via Q2 News (KTVQ); co-hosts Jeanelle Slade & Jay Kohn reported that George Markusa, a Q2 viewer “learned from local officials that 4 employees [Air Force Personnel] became sick while working at the [Missile Launch] facility.”

What happened to these 4 airmen? Who were the “local officials” that made the statements? Why was there no follow-up to this report?

Finally, if these 4 airmen and or officers did become ill as reported by Mr. Markusa—what does that say for Malmstrom’s official press release? Keeping the Air Force’s posture and previous public statements and or reports released to the public concerning nuclear missiles in mind, there seems to be a “pattern of behavior” here . . ..


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