Sunday, October 07, 2012

Arctic Ice Melt, Sea Level Rise May Pose Imminent Threat To Island Nations, Climate Scientist Says

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Arctic Ice Melt

By James Gerken
The Huffington Post

     Low-lying island nations threatened by rising sea levels this century could see the disastrous consequences of climate change far sooner than expected, according to one of the world's leading climate scientists.

In the wake of last month's discovery that the extent of Arctic sea ice coverage hit a record low this year, climate scientist Michael Mann told the Guardian that "Island nations that have considered the possibility of evacuation at some point, like Tuvalu, may have to be contending those sort of decisions within the matter of a decade or so."

Mann, who is the director of Pennsylvania State University's Earth System Science Center, said that current melting trends show sea ice is "declining faster than the models predict."

"The models have typically predicted that will not happen for decades but the measurements that are coming in tell us it is already happening so once again we are decades ahead of schedule . . ..


  1. Sea levels are NOT rising. Nasa satellite info. The Antartcic ice is at its thickest ever. Every summer there is Arctic melt, heck, the sun doesn't go down for 5 months or so. The big freeze has started. (Carbon taxes aint nohow gonna change the climate) The sun controls climate. In any case CO2 levels LAG BEHIND warming by 800 years, and as CO2 is only 0,03% f the atmosphere and of that only 40% is man mwade, this Huff Post article is misleading.


    Please educate yourself on climate change through the consultation of eminent scientists rather than right-wing blogs.


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