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UFO Activity at Nuclear Weapons Sites:

An Overview

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UFO Over Weapons Storage Area

By Robert Hastings
Robert Hastings says: “I am now a regular contributor for the MUFON UFO Journal with a column titled ‘UFOs and Nukes’. The organization’s management has given me permission to post past articles here at The UFO Chronicles, in the spirit of ‘spreading the word’ about the UFO phenomenon’s well-documented link to nuclear weapons. Here is my September 2012 offering.”

     As noted in last month’s column, over the past 39 years I have interviewed more than 130 former or retired U.S. military personnel regarding their involvement in one or more UFO incidents at nuclear weapons facilities. My September 27, 2010 press conference in Washington D.C.—during which seven U.S. Air Force veterans discussed UFO incursions at various ICBM sites and one Weapons Storage Area—was streamed live by CNN–see below:

I plan to include this link in future columns so as to provide the widest possible exposure for the very important witness testimony presented in it. If World War III had erupted during the perilous Cold War era, some of the individuals appearing at the press conference would have launched nuclear missiles, under presidential order, to set that tragic catastrophe in motion. Significantly, these same persons are now divulging a dramatic and important fact: UFOs have monitored our ICBMs on an ongoing basis and have, on occasion, disrupted their functionality, at least temporarily.

If this were not enough, Soviet Army veterans and now-available government documents from the former U.S.S.R. confirm that such incidents also occurred in that country during the same dangerous period in human history. In other words, as dubious as this claim may seem to some, it appears that outside observers, possessing vastly superior technology, have kept a close eye on international affairs during the Nuclear Age and have taken, for whatever reason, actions apparently designed to get the attention of the powers-that-be in both the U.S. and Russia. Moreover, fragmentary reports suggest that other nuclear powers, including Great Britain and France, have experienced UFO activity at their nuclear test sites as well.

My considered opinion is that alien visitors are behind the mystery, however, the indisputable proof that would confirm this theory remains elusive. Nevertheless, the evidence supporting the reality of UFO incursions at nuclear weapons sites—regardless of the aerial objects’ origin—is convincing beyond a reasonable doubt, except to persons unfamiliar with the depth of the database, or for those who simply cannot face facts.

Although some information about all of this has become public via the Freedom of Information Act, or through the efforts of a handful of researchers and journalists—including Raymond Fowler, Barry Greenwood, Antonio Huneeus, Jim Klotz, Dick Hall, Walt Webb and myself—the intriguing and dramatic story of the UFO-Nukes Connection is still largely unknown, despite its obvious importance.

In the months ahead, I will discuss a few pieces of the puzzle, as revealed by my investigations and the work of others. More detailed information may be found at my website,, and in my 600-page book UFOs and Nukes. (Although the book may be purchased at Amazon, scalpers posting there charge greatly inflated prices; on the other hand, it is directly available at my website for $23.95.)

A Sampling of Nuclear Weapons-Related UFO Incidents

The following events, as described in declassified documents and/or military eyewitness testimony, appear in chronological order; many of them will be addressed more fully in future columns. The source(s) of information appear in parentheses.

[Details are available by contacting me at]

January-February 1945: U.S. Navy F6F Hellcat fighters assigned to Air Group 50 unsuccessfully pursued, on three different occasions, a large glowing object observed hovering over the Hanford plutonium production site, in Washington State. Each time, the UFO raced away as the interceptors approached it. Six months later, the fissile material produced at the plant was used in the atomic bomb that destroyed Nagasaki. (Former USN Lt. Clarence “Bud” Clem)

January 31, 1949: Several UFO sightings at Los Alamos, New Mexico—the birthplace of atomic and thermonuclear weapons—were summarized in a report to FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover. The incidents, classified Top Secret, occurred during the previous two months and involved aerial objects described as “Flying Discs”, “Flying Saucers” and “Balls of Fire”. (FBI memorandum)

August 23, 1950: A report was sent to another FBI official regarding ongoing sightings of Discs, Green Fireballs and meteors in the vicinity of the Los Alamos and Sandia atomic laboratories during the previous 19 months. Of the 150 or so reports, half were judged to be of unknown aerial craft. (FBI memorandum)

October-December 1950: Multiple UFO sightings occurred at the Oak Ridge facility, in Tennessee, where plutonium and weapons-grade uranium were being produced. (FBI memoranda)

April 7, 1954: A bright, orange-colored object silently buzzed the U.S.S. Curtiss AV-4, the operational flagship during the “Castle” series of nuclear bomb tests in the Pacific Ocean. The UFO performed zigzag maneuvers before racing away. (Defense Nuclear Agency report and eyewitness testimony)

1963-64: U.S. Air Force security personnel repeatedly observed UFOs (disc-shaped or balls of light) hovering at low altitude over Atlas ICBM sites at Walker, F.E. Warren, Forbes and Altus AFBs. (USAF reports and multiple witness testimony)

September 15, 1964: A UFO was inadvertently filmed during an ICBM test flight at Vandenberg AFB, California. The footage, classified Top Secret, showed a domed-disc object circling the dummy nuclear warhead shortly after it had separated from the booster. The UFO then directed four lightning-like bursts of light at warhead, whereupon it tumbled into the Pacific Ocean, hundreds of miles short of its intended target. CIA agents confiscated the film. (Former USAF Lt. Robert Jacobs and retired Maj. Florenze Mansmann)

July 31-August 2, 1965: 143 Air Force personnel reported a total of 148 unknown aerial objects, some in formation, maneuvering near or hovering over Minuteman ICBM sites operated by F.E. Warren AFB, Wyoming. Some of the same UFOs were probably reported several times by various observers at different locations. (USAF report and multiple witness testimony)

August 25, 1966: “Round” UFOs, one the size of a B-52 bomber, were sighted near three widely-separated Minuteman ICBM sites outside of Minot AFB, North Dakota. Officers at one launch control capsule reported static on their two-way radio, occurring when one of the objects hovered over the site, which cleared up immediately after the UFO left the vicinity. (USAF report)

Summer or Fall 1966: A UFO was sighted moving from missile to missile at Minot’s Echo Flight. As it hovered over a given ICBM, consoles in the launch control capsule indicated that particular Minuteman was preparing to launch. An “inhibit” procedure, repeatedly employed by the launch officers, terminated the countdown in each of them. This incident was discussed in detail in last month’s column. (Former Capt. David Schuur)

March 16, 1967: Multiple security personnel reported a “round” UFO hovering “directly over” a Minuteman ICBM site operated by Echo Flight at Malmstrom AFB, Montana. Within two minutes, all 10 missiles in the flight mysteriously malfunctioned. The launch officers on duty were warned not to talk about the incident. At least one missile maintenance team member was unofficially told that UFOs had been involved. A Boeing Company investigative team could find no prosaic reason for the failures and was unexpectedly ordered by the Air Force to end its inquiry in mid-stream and to file no report. (Retired Col. Walter Figel, former TSgt. Henry Barlow, retired Boeing engineer Robert Kaminski)

March 24, 1967: An orange-colored, elliptical-shaped object hovered over Malmstrom’s Oscar Flight Launch Control Facility, whereupon all 10 Minuteman ICBMs in the flight quickly malfunctioned. A security team subsequently dispatched to one of the missile sites observed another, or the same UFO hovering near it. Targeting teams sent to the field to bring the ICBMs back online were officially informed by their briefers that UFOs had caused the failures. (Former Capt. Robert Salas, retired Col. Frederick Meiwald, former Capt. Robert Jamison)

October 24, 1968: Multiple UFOs were sighted near Minuteman ICBM sites outside of Minot AFB. One was described as an oval-shaped object with a tubular appendage. Ground and airborne radars confirmed the objects’ presence. (USAF report and multiple witness testimony)

October 27, 28, 30, 1975: Mysterious “helicopters” hovered over the nuclear Weapons Storage Areas (WSAs) at Loring AFB, Maine and Wurtsmith AFB, Michigan. In the latter case, as the unknown intruder left the vicinity it accelerated to 1000 knots, as confirmed by radar aboard a nearby KC-135 tanker aircraft. (USAF memoranda)

November 1975: Several UFOs were sighted near Minuteman ICBM sites operated by Malmstrom AFB. One was described as an “orange white disc” by security personnel. Radar confirmation was secured at one point, resulting in an unsuccessful intercept attempt by F-106 fighters. (NORAD log summaries)

December 1978: Several Minuteman missiles belonging to Delta and Echo Flights at Ellsworth AFB, South Dakota, simultaneously malfunctioned. A loudly-humming, diamond-shaped object was sighted hovering at low altitude above the Delta-3 launch facility during the incident. (Retired TSgt. John Mills)

December 28, 1980: An elliptical-shaped UFO hovered near the U.S. Air Force-operated WSA at the Royal Air Force-Bentwaters airbase in Suffolk, England. Radio chatter from security guards posted at the facility revealed that the craft directed laser-like beams down into it. Two tactical or “battlefield” nuclear bombs were subsequently removed from their bunker and sent to Kirtland AFB, New Mexico, for inspection. (Retired Col. Charles Halt and a second retired colonel who must remain anonymous)

October 27, 1992: A boomerang-shaped object silently buzzed the Minuteman missile maintenance hangar at Ellsworth AFB. (Former Airmen Michael Reager and Jason Berrier)

1992-96: Ongoing sightings of UFOs were reported near Malmstrom AFB’s ICBM sites. (Multiple witness testimony)

April 22, 1998: A disc-shaped UFO flew low over the Bangor/Kitsap submarine base in Washington State, in the vicinity of bunkers containing the subs’ Trident missile nuclear warheads. (Retired U.S. Navy computer analyst Larry Swanson)

October 23, 2010: A huge, cigar-shaped object was reported by multiple missile maintenance teams at F.E. Warren AFB, just after the base lost the ability to communicate with—or launch—50 of its Minuteman missiles. The impasse lasted 26 hours and the entire maintenance squadron was warned by its commander not to discuss “the things they may or may not have seen” in the sky. (Two now-retired USAF missile technicians who must remain anonymous)

July 3, 2012: An orange-colored, boomerang-shaped object was sighted at Belt, Montana, by a retired nuclear missile maintenance supervisor. Before disappearing from view, the UFO performed an instantaneous, right-angle turn and moved in a direction that would have taken it very near to Malmstrom’s Alpha-11 Minuteman missile launch facility. (Retired MSgt. Anthony Wall)

These cases are merely the tip of the proverbial iceberg; many more are discussed at my website and in my book, as well as in the published works of other researchers. Collectively, these incidents—together with those in the former Soviet Union—demonstrate that the UFO-Nukes Connection is real, longstanding, ongoing, and undoubtedly one of the reasons the U.S. government refuses to acknowledge the reality of the UFO “phenomenon” to the American people and the rest of the world.

I am asking any military veteran having knowledge of such incidents to contact me at Your name will be kept confidential, if you wish, but I would like to add your information, once it has been vetted, to my database. Please be prepared to provide your DD214 and to have your follow-up conversation(s) with me tape recorded.

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  1. Because the UFO's can disable nuclear missiles, as Dr Keshe is also stating to be able to do, providing he is not purely confabulating that fact as a bluff, that is, armies just hammer everyone else with nuclear weapons in the form of uranium munitions (I won't use the misnomer DU) fired from Howitzers, A10 Tankbusters and so on. It is a great pity the UFO's have no answer to stop that particular form of abuse also.


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