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BOOK REVIEW | The Aztec Incident: Recovery at Hart Canyon

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By André Skondras

     I first learned about the 1948 Aztec case in the mid-1990s when I read William S. Steinman's voluminous 1986 "UFO Crash at Aztec, A Well Kept Secret". My interest was initially peaked to say the least but through my contacts over the years with serious-minded UFO researchers I came to believe that the entire incident was merely based on a hoax, so I left it at that until mid-2000.

Through Paul Kimball's documentaries "Do You Believe In Majic" (2004) and "Aztec 1948 UFO Crash" (2005) this case crossed my path again and I got to know Scott Ramsey for the first time; in the summer of 2008, shortly after I had been sent a rebuttal article re Aztec, entitled "Folklore 101 vs. UFO Science Fiction, written by Matt Graeber dismissing it as a non-UFO-event, I got a fix on Scott Ramsey's email address thanks to Stanton Friedman and I began exchanging emails with him.

It's these personal contacts which made me realize that Scott is a fine, very dedicated and sincere researcher who isn't prone to proclamations or embellishment of facts but tells it like it is.

Despite the fact that most serious researchers consider the Aztec case a done deal and wouldn't most likely touch it with a ten-foot pole, Scott Ramsey's new book "The Aztec Incident, Recovery at Hart Canyon" is a definite must-read for every diligent student of historical UFOlogy! There is no doubt in my mind that this is a praiseworthy, thought-provoking, all inspiring and riveting piece of well-investigative work by a fine researcher whose two decades-long enduring laborious search for the truth behind the 63 year old Aztec mystery, about which had already been extensively written by Frank Scully and William Steinman, has firmly convinced him that the Aztec incident really did happen.

His startling findings will probably make even the staunchest skeptics to rethink the whole case. Scott Ramsey deserves our utmost respect for his two-decades of hard work searching in every nook and cranny of one of the most controversial UFO crash incidents in ufology. A book which belongs on everyone's bookshelf. It will be on mine! He is the Stanton Friedman of the Aztec Story! No matter what your thoughts are re Aztec, no matter how often it has been dismissed as a hoax, his fine research deserves to be looked at. Don't miss out on this authoritative research book!


  1. Despite your praise for the researchers' dedicated work over 2 decades, I notice that you do not give your own verdict on Aztec. Are you reluctant to do this? Do you or do you not believe that an ET craft crashed at Aztec NM in early 1948 and that the debris and bodies were carted off by the US Air Force and the whole event has been officially covered up and withheld from the scientific world for 63 years?

    In the end Aztec is of the same genre as Roswell, is it not? Maybe we should get an official GAO investigation going (as with Roswell in 1994) to see if any documentation exists for the case. I have not seen the Aztec book, but am pretty certain what the result of a GAO (or any other official) investigation will be.

    By all means, give due credit to the researchers, but in the end you will have to concede that science, in general, is not impressed and not interested in stories like this. The same, of course, applies to Roswell.

  2. Thanks for your comment. As Suzanne explains in the introduction of the book which I am reading at the moment, they have done the best they could to focus on documented facts, i.e. facts supported by documentation, and to let these facts speak for themselves. With this fact, their almost 25 years of diligent and sincere work, my correspondence with Scott since July 2008 and some parts of the manuscript he sent me in mind, my own verdict at this very point is that an actual historical event most likely happened which involved a large disc-shaped craft and crew members of origins unknown, i.e. most likely originating from some place else that isn't here because if it wasn't ours or the Russians, the most obvious and rational explanation would be the Unearthly origin, wouldn't it? The craft and its occupants were successfully transported in secret to a secure facility and hushed up by the authorities concerned. The rest is history!

    As for the US government, most notably the US Air Force, mainstream science and the media, they have been sticking to their official denials, false statements, misrepresentations, biases and ignorances re the whole issue of UFO's since at least the late 1940s, which I suspect will remain so for a long time unless a trigger event happens as described in Richard M. Dolan and Bryce Zabel's 2010 "A.D. After Disclosure". It is a sad situation, all the more so since the US Air Force's own historical studies have clearly shown that there exists a considerable percentage of true unknowns with high strangeness in appearances and flight behavior separating them from the knowns. Besides, mainstream science basically lost all interest in UFO's when the University of Colorado published its 967-page Report of the Scientific Study of Unidentified Flying Objects in 1969 whose biased misleading conclusions expressed by its Project director, Dr. Edward U. Condon, relegated UFO's to the domain of Science Fiction and fringe groups, thus effectively putting an end to the US Air Force's long-running [Public Relations] UFO study, Project Blue Book, much to the US Air Force's delight I suspect. However, Edward Condon's biased conclusions were completely at odds with the Report's data indicating that UFO's did deserve scientific attention. One would think that scientists and investigative journalists from the media would be interested to look into the data, instead they concentrated merely on Edward Condon's anti-UFO viewpoint expressed in his conclusions. So, with these historical observations in mind it isn't really surprising why mainstream science wouldn't get interested in UFO crash stories à la Roswell and Aztec as well as looking into the relevant amassed evidence. This evidence indicating UFO reality cannot exist based on their dogmatic premise that flying saucers from elsewhere cannot simply exist. Scott Ramsey has done the field work they should have been doing, however, they have chosen to stay in their church labs with their dogmatic lab coats on. In conclusion, Scott has a right to speak since he has actively looked into the Aztec event for almost 25 years trying to provide factual documentation and go where this evidence leads him whereas mainstream scientists and the media certainly haven't been doing their jobs very well, all they have been doing is making all kinds of hand-wavings and proclamations as well as resorting to mockery instead of doing real active research. I guess the following anecdote from the late J. Allen Hynek says it all: "I knew Carl Sagan. We had lunch one day and he said that UFOs were bunk. I asked him his thoughts on a multitude of cases and he said, 'don't know anything about it". Then I said, 'Carl, you know we scientists are not suppose to comment on anything we haven't sufficiently studied and he said, 'yes, I know, but I don't have the time".

    These are my personal analytical observations as a response to your comment.

    Kind regards.

    André Skondras


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