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Wanted: Flying Saucer Journalist – Pay is Great – Benefits Even Better

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By James Carrion
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     In June 1947, Kenneth Arnold became a world-wide celebrity after his sighting of “flying saucers” over Mount Rainier. His notoriety traveled fast and wide, so much so, that had he initiated the modern day UFO era today instead of in 1947, he would probably have been offered the lead role in his own reality TV series. Arnold’s story had all of the essential ingredients of a good old fashioned fire side tale that even Hollywood would be hard pressed to replicate: faster-than-man-made aircraft flying through the air, crashed saucers on the ground, Men in Black, Military Intelligence investigations, etc. Quicker than a Roswellian scout craft, Arnold’s account jumped off the Associated Press wire and built itself into the UFO perpetual motion machine of Americana that it is today.

Sensational! Full of Intrigue! Amazing Story! Unbelievable but True! That’s the way we Americans like our news – diced up, double fried and served hot - anything to keep us from being reminded of our dreary existence. Arnold’s story was all of that and more. There’s a reason why William Randolph Hearst could afford to build mansions and castles – he knew the value of Yellow Journalism and profited immensely from it.

But wait! It wasn’t Hearst’s International New Service (INS) that broke the flying saucer news, but its competitor the Associated Press (AP). And the AP’s greater rival, the United Press (UP) would have to wait a good month before it could get the scoop on both the AP and the INS with the Maury Island investigation, also starring, yes you guessed it, Kenneth Arnold.

So what’s my point? Well if you spent enough time digging through old 1947 newspapers, and only paid attention to the sensational flying saucer stories, you would have missed half of the story.

You would have missed the June 13-15 “Bigger than the Atomic Bomb” Top Secret Research project story that made headlines around the world, courtesy of the Canadian Press(CP) and picked up by the AP. This was the same incredible story I have conclusively proven as disinformation – not just another Conspiracy theory – but based on irrefutable hard evidence through declassified documents. Read my paper at:

If you only cared about the flying pie plate stories and crashed balloons, you would have also missed the June 13, 1947 story, also courtesy of the AP, of a contract that the US Amy Air Force allegedly awarded the Douglas Aircraft Corporation to build an aircraft capable of travelling 2,200 MPH and flying at a height of 35 – 50 miles. A great feat considering that it took competing Airplane manufacturer Lockheed, almost fifteen years to develop the SR-71 Blackbird that was capable of attaining that speed. Perhaps the contract money instead went to Douglas’ founding of the Army Air Force Think Tank known as the RAND Corporation as no aircraft Douglas ever worked on seems to fit the bill of this mystery contract.

And if you were just focused on the Roswell captured saucer but deflated as a balloon story, you would have also missed the July 12, 1947 article that detailed renowned Harvard scientist Doctor Walter Orr Robert’s description of an 8,500 MPH “Neptune” rocket project from White Sands, New Mexico that could cross the United States in 26 minutes. The very next day, the Army would not comment, “explaining that the newest rocket referred to was a Navy project about which the Army would say nothing." Indeed, you would be hard pressed to find any such rocket in the annals of missile history.

Taken individually, each of these stories is either proven disinformation, anachronistic or just weird with the military communicating big lies to the press. Taken together as a concerted plan to use the media to push out a message, not to the the American Public, who like Arnold implicitly trusted Government (I know, hard to believe considering today’s conspiracy mindful public) but instead to our perceived enemies at the time, the Soviets, then from the perspective of a Grand Deception operation, they make complete sense.

And before you start pooh-poohing this mass deception notion and label it as just another Conspiracy Theory, perhaps you should study your Kenneth Arnold and Maury Island a little bit closer before passing judgment. Don’t chuck the inconvenient details that don’t seem to fit an ET explanation like:
1. When Kenneth Arnold landed at Yakima, Washington, and told his story to Al Baxter, Al called in some of his helicopter pilots into the room, one of the pilots exclaiming: “Ah, those are just a bunch of guided missiles coming out of Moses Lake.” Never mind, that guided missiles were not being developed out of Moses Lake at that time or that a lowly helicopter pilot would even know this. Poor suggestible and naïve Arnold not only accepted this theory but fed it to the press.

2. When Arnold first reported his sighting to the East Oregonian in Pendleton (who put it on the AP wire), lo and behold, an “unknown man” told Arnold he had seen the exact same objects over Ukiah. How convenient.

3. Never mind, that when Arnold flew to Seattle that he just happened to be in the right place and at the right time to meet up with United Airlines Pilot E. J. Smith and Copilot Ralph Stevens at the INS offices, with Arnold , Smith and Stevens posing for the INS reporter while looking at UFO photos taken by another Seattle man, Frank Ryman. What a photo opportunity dream come true.

4. Consider that Arnold flew unannounced to Tacoma, Washington to investigate the Maury Island incident and couldn’t find a room in town until he contacted the Winthrop Hotel which mysteriously had a room booked under his name, a reservation Arnold did not make.

5. Consider that this same room 502 at the Winthrop was bugged and Arnold’s conversations leaked to the United Press reporters. Arnold was adamant about not talking to reporters, but someone else really wanted this story out and on the newswire.

6. Consider that the Winthrop Hotel was conveniently right across the street from the United Press office in downtown Tacoma.

7. And who was the manager of the United Press office? A man by the name of Howard Applegate, whose family member Rex Applegate was a prominent member of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), the predecessor of the CIA. There are less degrees of separation here than Kevin Bacon to the Queen of England.
In summary, Kenneth Arnold’s story and all of the other military concocted stories I have listed were not meant for the consumption of Joe American, but for Joe Stalin and company. Why? Well if you were as afraid of the intentions of the Soviets back in 1947 as our American leaders were, you would make up stories too to prevent a hot war from igniting. Of course you wouldn’t go through all of this trouble unless you could reap some additional benefits from it. But those other reasons will be the subject of another blog entry.

If you want to read for yourself the newspaper articles mentioned, you can find them at:

in the Research Document section.


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  1. James Carrion tells us that the US 'invented' UFOs in 1947 to fool, and frighten, the Soviets that the US had a great new airborne weapon. Perhaps the US were merely retaliating; after all Russia had already fooled and frightened the USA the year before (1946) with those 'ghost rockets' seen over Scandinavia.

    Wasn't it Andrei Gromyko who claimed, in July '47, that the flying discs were coming from a Russian discus thrower who didn't know his own strength? This guy obviously had practised his art over Sweden and succeeded so well that he decided to extend his range over the Atlantic the following year.


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