Saturday, April 14, 2012

UFO NEWS | UK: Mystery Object Sighted Over Somerset – Two RAF Jets Scrambled

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The Sun
TWO RAF Typhoon jets that rocked five counties with their sonic boom were at the centre of a UFO riddle last night.

      The scrambled warplanes were seen intercepting a mystery object hovering over Somerset.

Dad-of-three Richard Bird, 38, told how the supersonic jets probed the “strange sock-shaped” entity above his garden in Bath.

He said: “They were having a really good look.”

Fellow local Sean Whyte described the UFO as “white and rocket-shaped”.

Another witness said: “The jets kept circling it. It was very strange.”

The Met Office last night said in the wake of the Typhoons being scrambled on Thursday that the object was NOT a weather balloon. . . .

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  1. It was a chopper accidentally sending out a distress signal. Nothing more, nothing less. Ask the RAF.


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