Sunday, January 08, 2012

UFO NEWS | SCOTLAND | Video: Dashboard-Mounted Camera Captures Mysterious Lights

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UFOs Over Scotland

By The Mirror

     UFO conspiracy theorists, prepare to get your Mr. Spock ears in a twist.

Although you may need to swap them for ear muffs if you want to investigate matters first hand and beyond the limits of your computer screen…

Footage showing two glowing lights flying through the sky in Scotland has made it onto YouTube in one of the first reported instances of UFO activity in 2012.

Reportedly recorded by a dashboard-mounted camera on a rescue vehicle on New Year’s Day, the orbs appear in the foggy sky on the right side of the footage as an oncoming vehicle passes by. . . .


  1. I'm sure it was taken from a double Decker bus using a phone and the UFOs are light flare reflecting on the window of the bus from the passing car. Reason it happened at this point and not before on the previous passing car was because the final car was coming up a hill to the bus thus shining its head lights in the cabin and not on the road. Case closed.

  2. Hi Chris,

    Thanks for taking time to comment. I don't know about the bus, but I believe you are correct about the reflection.


  3. i guess some people are desperate to make logic out of everything...these are NOT reflections...also ---they are BLUE..just my opinion


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