Sunday, December 18, 2011

Join the Boycott to Protest the CIA Coverup of President Obama's Trips to Mars

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Obama On Mars

By Robert Sheaffer
Bad UFOs: Skepticism, UFOs, and The Universe
You just couldn't make this up:

     For the past few years I have been reporting from time to time on the absurd claims of a group of UFOlogists calling their study Exopolitics, "political implications of the extra-terrestrial presence." Alfred Lambremont Webre claims to have been the founder of Exopolitics, although in reality Michael Salla can probably claim that dubious honor. Webre has the website, while Salla has .

Lately Webre's claims have gotten so bizarre (the war between the Andromeda Council and the Reptilians, Americans being teleported to a secret base on Mars to meet with aliens) that even others in exopolitics became alarmed, and began distancing themselves from him. (This recalls the old joke about the tenor who was so stupid that even the other tenors noticed it.) As Salla recently wrote, "Webre is a marginal and controversial figure in the network of exopolitics researchers and activists that has formed around the world. Webre's writing and behavior is seen as too bizarre and controversial for most credible exopolitics researchers to use." Nonetheless, Webre's far-out articles on the Examiner were being read by as many as 400,000 people each month. Until recently, that is, when gave him the boot. . . .

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