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The Aztec Incident - 63rd Anniversary | Dr. Frank Thayer Discusses The 1948 UFO Crash & Upcoming Book on The Joiner Report - TONIGHT!

The Aztec Incident - 63rd Anniversary - Dr. Frank Thayer Discusses The 1948 UFO Crash & Upcoming Book on The Joiner Report

By Frank Warren
The UFO Chronicles

     This month marks the 63rd anniversary of what has become known as The Aztec Incident, the lesser known “cousin” of the famous Roswell crash, occurring just months apart. Long time researcher Scott Ramsey writes:
The landing and recovery of an extraterrestrial craft near Aztec, New Mexico has been a controversy for nearly 61 years within the UFO community.

The story as first reported by writer Frank Scully, appears in 1950 in his book Behind the Flying Saucers. This was the first hard covered book ever published on flying saucers for people wanting to know more about the subject that was relatively new to the American public.

According to the original story reported by Frank Scully, a flying saucer soft-landed on a mesa outside the town of Aztec, New Mexico in the spring of 1948. Two tenescopes that were at the Los Alamos facility and one near the Alamagordo facility tracked the errant craft.

The story as told to him by Dr. Gee, was that the craft was 100 feet in diameter and in perfect shape.

Dr. Gee and at least eight other "Top Scientist" in the field of magnetism were called in to inspect the craft and try and figure out the principles of it’s propulsion system. According to the story, this was the first that Dr. Gee was to evaluate but the third one that had landed or crashed on this earth.

Dr. Gee, according to Scully, (a composite of 8-9 scientists) worked through the recovery with the "who’s –who" in the scientific field at that time. These scientists had a collective resume that had them working on some of the most incredible projects during World War II and through the post war years.

The craft at Aztec yielded 16 humanoid bodies that were between 36 - 42 inches in height wore tight fitting one piece flight suits and appeared to have perfect teeth. The bodies were burned to a dark brown color (scientist were unable to explain at the time of Scully’s book being published).

The craft itself, according to Dr. Gee, was taken to a "Top Secret Lab" where it was evaluated and again by the time of Scully’s book, scientist still had not figured out the means of propulsion and the many metals it was know to have that defied modern day scientist.
Not to long ago Scott Ramsey stumbled across an article re the Aztec crash penned by Dr Frank Thayer, who coincidentally lives in New Mexico; the former reached out to Thayer and a friendship was borne.

Scott enlightened Dr Thayer to his decades long research into the Aztec event, and informed him that a book was forthcoming. Dr Thayer, being the department head of Journalism and Mass Communications Department at New Mexico State University offered his expertise as 'editor' and Scott gratefully welcomed him aboard.

Dr Thayer being privy to the nearly completed manuscript is cognizant of information pertaining to Scott’s research that has never seen the light of day; join host Angelia Joiner, and Dr Frank Thayer as they delve into the controversial Aztec Incident!

Tune in the The Joiner Report, Thursday, March 24, 7:30-9 p.m. Central; (8:30-10 p.m. Eastern):

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